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Explore Gearfire’s UPS Group Shipping Discount Program featured img

Explore Gearfire’s UPS Group Shipping Discount Program

January 12, 2022

As of January 1, 2022, Gearfire has moved its Group Shipping Discount Program from FedEx to UPS.

And we’re proud to announce that the newly negotiated terms with UPS means maintained shipment discounts!

If you’re an existing Gearfire customer, we want to pass along the savings to you!

Explore the details!

So, what exactly is the Gearfire UPS Group Shipping Discount Program?

In an effort to further assist our dealers in their success, Gearfire partnered with UPS to negotiate a special group shipping rate that we’re able to share with any dealer who desires to reduce the costs of shipping.

Common question: Is there any associated fee for utilizing Gearfire’s UPS group shipping rates? No, it’s free!

How does the Gearfire UPS Group Shipping Discount Program Work?

The process couldn’t be easier. Any dealer wishing to cut costs on UPS shipments by taking advantage of Gearfire’s real-time UPS group shipping rates may simply contact their account manager, request access & they’ll power-on permissions. You’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

On the front end of dealer websites, real-time UPS shipping calculations will be available for customers during checkout.

Package Pickups and Drop-off’s

Pickups: If you plan on scheduling pickups for your packages, having your own business account set up with UPS will be necessary. Simply open a free UPS account and you can begin scheduling pickups using your account. Pickup charges may vary.

Drop-off’s: Firearms, including handguns, may ONLY BE SHIPPED through a UPS Customer Center (counters at UPS operational facilities). Additionally, you must have a valid FFL with you. You can find the Customer Center location closest to you using the Ups Drop-Off Find Locations tool. When utilizing this tool, please make sure you are only leaving the UPS Customer Center box checked. Firearms are not accepted for shipment via UPS Drop Boxes, UPS On-Call Pickup®, or at locations of The Ups Store® or any third-party retailer.

Are You Ready to Ship & Save with Gearfire?

Contact your account manager directly to get set up! Alternatively, you may always contact support for assistance, as well.