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Gearfire Partners with Gun Accessory Supply! featured img

Gearfire Partners with Gun Accessory Supply!

January 12, 2022

A New Distributor = More Selling Power!

Gearfire is proud to announce its newest partnership with wholesale distributor Gun Accessory Supply!

For over 32 years, Gun Accessory Supply has served their customers by providing them with the sporting goods products they need at prices that make sense. This premier distributor offers everything from firearm accessories, sport optics, ammunition, gun cleaning tools, tactical gear, apparel, and much more!

Being a true two-step distributor, G.A.S. purchases merchandise from manufacturers and importers, allowing them to offer their customers (dealers) the most competitive prices available. Additionally, Gun Accessory Supply does not sell retail or consumer direct, instead focusing on qualifying each account as a true “dealer” or re-seller in an effort to protect the margins of their customers.

What does this new partnership mean for Gearfire customers?

With this new alliance comes a new Gearfire eCommerce integration, further enhancing the selling power of FFL dealers by allowing them to offer an even larger aisle of inventory to their customers, thus creating a better shopping experience, and increasing the likeliness of more sales!

As always, the setup process is simple: Connect. Stream. Sell.

To begin streaming Gun Accessory Supply inventory on your Gearfire eCommerce site, simply contact your account manager directly and provide your G.A.S. Customer ID. We’ll power-on the connection once we receive clearance to activate your account so you can start generating new sales!

Don’t have a Gun Accessory Supply account?

You may always begin the account creation process on their website. Click here to get started >>