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Gearfire Creates a Legacy of Success for The Heritage Guild featured img

Gearfire Creates a Legacy of Success for The Heritage Guild

October 1, 2021

If your firearms business is in the market for turnkey solutions to help save time, cut down on paperwork and reduce overall cost, Gearfire may just be what you are looking for. Just take it from Matt over at The Heritage Guild. With over 20 years in the outdoor sporting business, Matt is very knowledgeable of the changes within our industry and daily obstacles that retail stores may experience. Read on to learn more about The Heritage Guild and how Gearfire has been able to support their growing business and set them up for future success.

“The love of firearms and retail drove the founding members of The Heritage Guild to develop three stores that are located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.”

The Heritage Guild doesn’t just specialize in shooting sports but archery as well. By offering a large selection of products, experiences, and training, they cater to many different skills sets in both shooting sports and archery.

“We offer a complete firearms and archery experience for the novice through the most experienced. We have a wide selection of product from the most common items to the most desirable collector items. We offer an indoor firearms range and outdoor archery range.”

We don’t know about you, but this sounds like a great place to hang out for the day.

With three brick and mortar locations across two different states, after a few years in, The Heritage Guild team knew they were going to need all the support they could get to successfully run their business. They were outgrowing their current software, and they were outgrowing it quickly. After experiencing many roadblocks and not quite reaching the consumer base they were looking to reach with other platforms, they decided to look for a better option.

“We wanted to find something that worked better with the three stores to be a little more accurate, a little more consistent and have better background support.”

Through their own industry research and referrals from others, they decided Gearfire sounded like a good fit for what their current business needs were. The Heritage Guild began by setting up a Gearfire eCommerce website to help reach a broader customer base and offer them a larger selection of products. 

“Gearfire was able to tap into a new consumer base within our region and also able to expand our product offering to enhance our customer shopping experience.”

Gearfire eCommerce proved the platform was just what they needed, and by 2019 Heritage Guild was now using two other Gearfire products.They chose Gearfire Payments to handle their merchant services, and AXIS Point-of-Sale to aid in their inventory needs.

“The Gearfire platform provides a very user-friendly portal for the consumer as well as the retailer with strong tech support for the issues that do arise. The value of the services offered exceeds the services offered by other competitors by a large margin including the ability to sync Gearfire with AXIS Point-of-Sale.”

The Heritage Guild has big goals for the future and Gearfire is here to support. Gearfire is allowing The Heritage Guild to reach their future goals by expanding their offerings not just to their consumers, but to the team members providing services and knowledge to those consumers.

“We want to continue to provide a safe and reliable way for customers across the United States to buy, sell and trade firearms while also providing the fundamentals for new and experienced firearms enthusiasts alike to continue to build upon their skills and knowledge.”

We are confident The Heritage Guild is set up for success and will continue to grow with the support of Gearfire.