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Finding Rapid Success with Gearfire featured img

Finding Rapid Success with Gearfire

February 15, 2021

Switching to Gearfire’s technology solutions can help you save time, cut down on paperwork and reduce staff cost. That sounds like dollars saved to us.

In 2008, Brian Coleman left his career in Computer Forensics to follow his lifelong dream of opening a gun store. Soon, Brian’s dream came true when he opened Rapid Fire Arms in Sandy, Oregon.

“I figured I was young enough that if it failed, I could always go back to computers. But if it did really well, I could do something I enjoy.”

When asked what sets his store apart from others, he proudly stated that it was their customer service. Rapid Fire Arms provides a low pressure, relaxed environment that allows customers to feel like they are just hanging out with their friends. Who wouldn’t want to stay and hang out? 

When Brian opened his store, he decided that AXIS Point of Sale would be the best fit for his business needs. Even though AXIS was making improvements at the time, he knew the future plans for the system like web integration and inventory management would help streamline and simplify the day-to-day back-end operations.

“I knew they had a point of sale directed specifically for this industry.”

Because Rapid Fire Arms only had 6 employees, the implementation of automation in ordering and receiving products was a big help. Brian has been able to focus more time on servicing his current customers and finding creative ways to attract more.

Another benefit of AXIS Point of Sale is the ability to prepare, submit and store electronic 4473’s. Automation not only keeps his staff cost low, but also allows his staff to have a more one-on-one sales experience with their customers. Instead of spending time on the phone conducting a background check, filling out paperwork or filing away papers, Brian’s staff can really focus on the relationships with their Rapid Fire Arms customers and keep them coming back.

Inside Rapid Fire Arms

In March of 2020, Brian decided to make the switch over to Gearfire Payments. After integrating credit card processing with AXIS, payment processing and tracking customer data became even more seamless; once again providing Brian and staff with a simple and uniform shopping experience.

After 12 Years in the business, Brian hopes to not only open more locations, but to significantly increase his web presence. Brian recognizes the convenience of online shopping.

“Anyone who is not looking at the web right now is dying on the vine.”

With Gearfire and our dedicated team of support and training staff, he has no doubt he will be able reach his goals.

“In 3-5 years, I see Rapid Firearms having another location and focusing on the eCommerce side of sales quite a bit more.”