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RetailBI Exceeds 2,400 Reporting Retailers with $800 Million in Annual Sales featured img
Press Release

RetailBI Exceeds 2,400 Reporting Retailers with $800 Million in Annual Sales

September 27, 2022

Scottsdale, AZRetailBI, powered by Gearfire, today announces its latest milestone of expanding its dashboard and data capabilities, in addition to reaching $800 million in annual sales by exceeding 2,400 shooting sports retailers – cementing its position as the largest consumer sales analytics platform in the industry.

What is RetailBI?
Retail Business Intelligence (RetailBI) was introduced by Gearfire in 2019. A powerful cloud-based retail analytics platform, it empowers manufacturers to make superior data-driven decisions by leveraging live consumer sales data. This aggregated transactional and inventory data reported anonymously by both in-store and online retailers provides detailed insight into market share movement, bestselling products, geographical trends, and much more. With visually pleasing and customizable dashboards, the platform conforms to the demands of each company, enabling them to better anticipate production needs in an aggressive industry.

New Data Capabilities

Always advancing in capability, RetailBI was recently updated with an extensive new set of features and filtering functionality that now includes: 

• Granular UPC level reporting of quantity on-hand for Point-of-Sale

• Granular attribute reporting by Rifle style, Pistol size, Caliber, and more

• Quantity sold vs. quantity on-hand reporting

• Bestselling UPCs and model type reporting

• NICS and Adjusted NICS vs. Gearfire firearm sales reporting (representing greater than 4% of NSSF adjusted NICS checks)

• Plus, the ability to monitor same store sales trends to keep a pulse on market movement

RetailBI offers invaluable retail analytics at the click of a button, quickly painting the picture of consumer behavior to give manufacturers that much desired edge over the competition.

If you’re a manufacturer or distributor within the firearms industry, learn more about the benefits of RetailBI by scheduling a personalized demo of the platform today.