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Gearfire Pro Propels Profit with a Conversion-Ready Storefront featured img

Gearfire Pro Propels Profit with a Conversion-Ready Storefront

September 7, 2022

Delivering an incredible customer shopping experience is critical to the success of any retailer. Gearfire Pro helps you take your eCommerce operation to new heights by combining a level of sophistication, simplicity, and speed unlike any other platform in the industry. Explore three important components that set Pro apart from its competition!

The Advanced Product Filter Panel

Product filter panels found on category pages are nothing new. However, what separates the good from the great is the number of options to filter by!

No one likes wasting time searching for the product they want to buy. The sophistication of your product filter matters. The more finite a consumer can get, the faster they’ll find what they’re searching for, which increases the likeliness of sales.

Thanks to the advanced product mapping on Gearfire Pro, your shoppers can enjoy unmatched granularity, allowing quicker acquisition of the precise item(s) that fit their exact needs.

Powerful Product Detail Pages

A product detail page can make or break sales on any eCommerce website. The product detail pages offered on Gearfire Pro were built using only the best practices – maximizing the chance to convert sales.

It starts with second-to-none catalog curation, ensuring every product title and description from streamed items are accurate, detailed, and free of fluff.

Product images cast the very first impression on the shopper. Pro offers multiple product photos of streamed items to provide the most visibility.

Product attributes are perhaps the greatest strength, as they eliminate the need to have multiple versions of the same product. Now, if there are multiple variants of the same item, shoppers can visit a single product detail page and select all the options that fit their needs.

An Optimized One-Page Checkout

Did you know that approximately 17% of online consumers abandoned their carts in 2022 because the checkout process was too complicated?

With Gearfire Pro, your customers are offered a simple one-page checkout process that reduces friction and creates confidence to buy quickly!

A detailed summary of their cart, plus 3 easy steps to complete their purchase is all there is. The result? Satisfied customers and increased sale conversions. It’s a win-win.

Ready to go Pro? 

Take the next step by requesting your own personalized demo of Gearfire Pro to experience these game-changing features of the platform’s conversion-ready storefront for yourself, plus much more.