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Iron Sights Indoor Shooting Range Trusts AXIS Point Of Sale for Easy, Compliant Operations featured img
Press Release

Iron Sights Indoor Shooting Range Trusts AXIS Point Of Sale for Easy, Compliant Operations

February 16, 2021

Whether you’re training for self defense, trying out a firearm before you buy, or going out for an adventurous date night, Iron Sights Indoor Shooting Range in Oceanside, CA is always there to help. They offer 24 range lanes with 15 yd pistol lanes and 25 yd rifle lanes. Join the Gearfire Team in welcoming the latest retailer and range to implement AXIS Point Of Sale software.

With over 150 handguns, riles and shotguns available to rent, shooters of all types and skill levels can find what suits them. And if you are a novice seeking instruction, Iron Sights Indoor Shooting Range offers various training classes or even personalized sessions based on your needs.

The range experience at Iron Sights is top notch, but they can also outfit shooters with the best products at their Range Store. With most major brands stocked,
Iron-Sights’ Range Store has everything to outfit the day!

  • Handguns
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Holsters
  • Gun cases
  • Magazine Carriers
  • Factory or Reloaded Ammunition
  • Accessories
  • Cleaning Products
  • Hearing and Eye Protection

Because Iron Sights is a large retail and range operation, they chose AXIS Point Of Sale because it was built specifically for the shooting and outdoor sports industries. The industry-specific applications of AXIS allow range owners and firearms retailers to operate a compliant business, reduce man hours and customer wait times, easily manage available inventory and increase sales. And with AXIS’s module-based pricing, retailers only pay for the features they need.

Iron Sights Indoor Shooting Range streamlines their retail and range operations with the following features of AXIS.

  • Electronic Form 4473
  • RetailBI™ Consumer Sales Analytics
  • RangeWorks for membership services, shooting lane management and firearm rentals
  • Gunsmith Pro to track and account for gunsmithing activity

Shooting and Outdoor Sports retailers of all types can benefit from using AXIS Point Of Sale software. And because not all businesses are the same, Gearfire can offer only features and benefits needed by individual businesses. Build your own POS and see for yourself!

Gearfire has been the industry leader in business technology solutions to retail FFLs since 2012. If your business can benefit from AXIS Point Of Sale, we invite you to request a free demo of the software by following the link below.