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Dominion Outdoors Implements AXIS Point Of Sale and Gearfire Payments for KY Location featured img
Press Release

Dominion Outdoors Implements AXIS Point Of Sale and Gearfire Payments for KY Location

February 22, 2021

Join the Gearfire Team in welcoming Dominion Outdoors of Middlesboro, KY as the newest user of AXIS Point of Sale and Gearfire Payments. One of two locations, the Kentucky location is the “newer” of the two, but you can also find Dominion Outdoors in Fishersville, VA.

Dominion Outdoors works hard to make sure you’re geared for the season. From outdoor wear to guns, ammo, and accessories, it is your outdoor gun store!

Consider your shooting and outdoor sports needs fulfilled when doing business with Dominion Outdoors. With a huge variety of pistols and long guns in stock, rods & reels, clothing and footwear for every outdoor need, a pro staffers dream archery department, a full time bow-tech, and an in store gunsmith, it is easy to see why Dominion Outdoors is “The Ultimate Sports Store!”

As the newest user of AXIS Point Of Sale Software, Dominion Outdoors now has access to a host of industry-specific applications that allow them to streamline in-store operations, reduce operating costs and give their retail sales a boost.

  • RetailBI Consumer Sales Analytics
  • Accounting
  • Electronic Form 4473 Storage (ATF Approved, and only offered by AXIS)
  • Gunsmith Pro

With our new module-based pricing, you can “build your own POS” for your business, and only pay for the features of AXIS your business needs most.

Dominion Outdoors also chose Gearfire Payments for easy credit card processing. Since all of Gearfire’s business technology solutions integrate directly with one another, it was an easy choice. Gearfire Payments offers affordable merchant services with no restrictions or hidden fees based on the sale of firearms (even Class III / NFA items). Trusted by over 2,000 shooting sports merchants, Gearfire Payments is fast, secure and designed specifically for the industries we love.

Ready to learn more about Gearfire’s industry-leading and award-winning business technology solutions? Request a free demo by following the link below.