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#GUNVOTE – Join Our Effort To Preserve Our Industry featured img
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#GUNVOTE – Join Our Effort To Preserve Our Industry

September 18, 2020

The 2020 #GUNVOTE Campaign needs your help! While politicians say it all the time, the upcoming November election is truly the most important election in the history of our industry. NSSF® is urging everyone to join together and get out the vote with one voice. The differences between the two parties have never been greater in our nation’s history. The Presidency, control of the Senate and every seat in Congress is critical in determining the future of America. We can defend our Constitution, the rule of law and common sense or we can allow the country to drift further to the left and see continued erosion of our cherished freedoms.

Support the NSSF #GUNVOTE Campaign!

The NSSF in 2016 budgeted and spent well over $10 million dollars on our #GUNVOTE® campaign. Gun owners helped to elect a pro-Second Amendment President, Senate and House. In 2020, NSSF has committed to spending at those levels again, particularly targeting the almost 5 million recent first-time firearms buyers.

Please join in this extremely important industry effort. Your support for the 2020 #GUNVOTE campaign will be an investment in the defense and future of our industry as we know it. Learn more abut how you can make a contribution by following this link.