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Gearfire eCommerce Welcomes a New Integration: Constant Contact! featured img
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Gearfire eCommerce Welcomes a New Integration: Constant Contact!

September 2, 2021

Gearfire is pleased to announce the newest add-on to our eCommerce platform — Constant Contact!

Constant Contact is a robust Email Marketing platform made up of professional grade, yet easy-to-use tools that help businesses of all sizes build effective email campaigns that create success. From broadcast sends to automation workflows, audience segmentation, and much more, Constant Contact can make an advantageous pairing with your Gearfire eCommerce website.

With this beneficial integration, dealers will have another option to expand their marketing reach, grow their customer base, and increase sales.  

How to Utilize Constant Contact on Your Gearfire Website

If you already have an active Constant Contact account that you’re using, we’ve made it easy to incorporate your lightbox email sign-up form into Gearfire eCommerce with a few simple steps:

2)    In Constant Contact, if you don’t already have a sign-up form created, an excellent written guide on how to create yours can be found here >>

Subsequently, here is a video tutorial, should that be easier.

3)    Next comes activation of your pop-up form and generation of your universal code snippet that will then be inputted into your Gearfire eCommerce website. These instructions can be found here >>

4)    Finally, to complete the process that will enable the email sign-up form to display on your Gearfire website, reach out to your account manager via email and send them the universal code snippet you generated in step 3. They will power-on the connection and that’s it—your email sign-up form is live!

For those interested in using Constant Contact in conjunction with your Gearfire store, you can find more information on the services they offer at