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Ammo A-Z Chooses AXIS Point Of Sale and Gearfire eCommerce to Manage Business Growth featured img
Press Release

Ammo A-Z Chooses AXIS Point Of Sale and Gearfire eCommerce to Manage Business Growth

December 2, 2020

Please join us in welcoming Ammo A-Z as the newest user of AXIS Point Of Sale software (powered by Gearfire)! This business continues to grow, and is a truly unique success story. It all started when the owner purchased a firearm for his wife, but couldn’t find the proper ammunition anywhere (and it wasn’t even in the year 2020).

As mentioned, the Ammo A-Z story began when the business owner could not find proper ammunition for his wife’s firearm. Having the foresight to understand that high demand + minimal product availability = opportunity for any business, the owner filed for an import FFL and made monthly trips to Canada to import ammunition. The business has evolved from selling ammo out of a garage into a storefront that now additionally offers firearms and accessories.

Ammo A-Z has been on a journey of continuous growth, and chose Gearfire’s business technology solutions as both a means to help generate growth and to manage their growth. They have been using Gearfire eCommerce to sell online since 2018, and recently implemented AXIS Point Of Sale to streamline in-store operations thanks to it’s industry-specific applications:

  • RetailBI™ Consumer Analytics
  • eNICS and e4473 applications
  • the first ATF Approved 4473 eStorage

What sets Ammo A-Z apart from competitors is their claim to NOT be a traditional gun store. References like the “adult candy store” and the “apple store of gun stores” have been made, which makes sense when you step into the showroom. Everything is on display to touch and feel and interact with. Plus, their “Build an AR” section of the store allows customers to custom build their own AR 15’s with 1000’s of different combinations. Really, it’s all about the customer experience for Ammo A-Z.