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Retail Inventory Management for FFLs by Gearfire featured img

Retail Inventory Management for FFLs by Gearfire

March 11, 2021

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began a year ago, the shooting sports industry has experienced inventory struggles due to a massive increase in demand. At the same time, manufacturers of certain products are struggling to keep up with the demand. As a result, many FFL retailers search for new strategies to maximize inventory availability for their customers. Gearfire is here to help.

Retail Inventory Management Powered by Gearfire

Meet Dan Compeau. Dan brings over 30 years of shooting sports industry retail experience to the Gearfire Team, and is a great fit to champion our Retail Inventory Management Program. He began his career behind the counter in retail, and worked to become both Director of Retail Development for one of the nation’s largest shooting sports wholesalers, as well as retail Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Compeau’s industry experience and ability to leverage a retailer’s point of sale data has proven to help over 1,000 retailers to optimize store performance.

Gearfire’s Retail Inventory Management Program empowers shooting and outdoor sports retailers to reduce inventory carrying costs while increasing inventory availability and consumer firearms and accessory sales. This program is ideal for retailers who recently implemented AXIS Point Of Sale Software, or any retailer with point of sale reporting capability looking to improve Inventory Management Processes.

Appointments with Dan Compeau can be booked in hourly sessions, with discounts available in blocks of two or four hours. Annual retailer consultations can also be booked. These consultations include all services listed below, plus Inventory Management and Data Review. Services included are based on appointment type and can contain:

  • detailed use of all applicable AXIS (or equivalent point of sale) reporting tools.
  • reducing stock outages and carrying inventory.
  • reviewing purchase orders.
  • identifying distressed inventory.
  • reviewing sales by department performance.
  • reviewing sales by manufacturer performance.
  • reviewing and discussing employees’ sales performance.
  • establishing min/max settings.
  • cash register and receiving processes.
  • inventory and item setup.
  • manufacturer and category setup.
  • cycle counting.
  • discussing full physical inventory taking to achieve accurate on-hand quantities.

On-site Consulting with Mr. Compeau is also available, with pricing upon request.

To request more information, please send an email to: