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Leverage Retail Analytics from AXIS with RetailBI featured img

Leverage Retail Analytics from AXIS with RetailBI

February 18, 2022

In 2019, Gearfire introduced Retail Business Intelligence (RetailBI): A powerful retail analytics platform made available to AXIS Point-of-Sale users as a free benefit. This has not only allowed single store and multistore retailers live access to their own sales data, but also help identify market trends and bestselling products quickly from across the shooting sports industry.

How can RetailBI benefit you as an AXIS retailer?

RetailBI communicates with AXIS providing you resourceful information on your Daily Sales, Product Quantities, Value on Hand information, and more while you are away from the store!  

Keep track of your store sales performance and stocked inventory, determine which products you should consider reordering, or as a quick reference when negotiating potential incentives from Vendors & Manufacturers while attending meetings or industry trade shows. 

In addition, RetailBI provides analytics data on Market Trends and Best-Selling Products reported anonymously from over 2,500 retailers across the nation! The analytics are compiled in easy-to-use reports to get the information you need.

How can you use the Market Trend Analytics to your advantage?

The available Market Trends Report display infographics for at-a-glance viewing, along with a detailed grid that can be filtered similarly to reports you interact with from the AXIS Data Center. You can utilize this report in various ways:

  • View the top-selling UPCs in the industry from Handguns, Shotguns, Rifles, Ammo, Parts & Gear, Optics, Magazines, and more
  • Narrow down top-selling UPC results by Department, Item Category Type, or Manufacturer
  • See the total quantity sold across retailers, as well as the average retail selling price
  • Choose to display top-selling products from retailers nationwide, or from your local region by choosing specific States
  • These analytics are historical, allowing you to filter by Time Frame for viewing the top selling products as of today, or from records going back to 2017!

The invaluable analytics provided by the Market Trends Report will help ensure that you are keeping in-demand products stocked, and at competitive pricing to encourage stronger store sales.  

Which devices can access RetailBI?

RetailBI can be accessed from a mobile app available on the Apple iOS AppStore, and Android devices from the Google Play store. RetailBI can also be accessed from any device with a web browser.

If you’re not yet making the most of AXIS by utilizing RetailBI, there’s no better time than now!

Need help getting set up? You may always contact AXIS Support for assistance.