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Family Owned Glauber’s Sports is the Newest AXIS Point Of Sale User featured img
Press Release

Family Owned Glauber’s Sports is the Newest AXIS Point Of Sale User

September 17, 2020

Glauber’s Sports, one of the largest gun dealers in “Kentuckiana”, has chosen AXIS Point Of Sale software to manage their specific business needs. Located near Louisville, KY, Glauber’s stocks thousands of firearms with an industry-wide showcase of the most popular and reliable brands.

Founded by shoemaker John Glauber, this business has its origin rooted in the Civil War era. As one of Kentucky’s longest continuously running businesses, Glauber’s Sports now provides the guns, ammunition, and apparel needed for all of your hunting and shooting sports adventures. This family-operated business houses an expansive inventory of over 1,000 models of guns at its showroom. And no matter the caliber of the gun you’re using, they’ll be able to provide you with the exact ammunition you need.  Visit their showroom just 45 minutes North of Louisville, KY.

Taking great pride in its archery pro-shop, Glauber’s Sports also offers a comprehensive variety of crossbows and arrows. Their in-house electric bow press enables them to render tailor-made archery essentials to meet your needs. They have a large selection of arrows, with a variety of feathers, tips, and shafts, and they can cut arrows down to any size you need.

In addition, they facilitate the archery experience by matching your bows and arrows with the right accessories, including protective cases, targets, and fiber-optic sights.

If you’re searching for premium-quality guns, ammunition, and hunting accessories in the Kentucky Tri-State area, look no further than Carrollton-based Glauber’s Sports. Serving its community for nearly 160 years!

Originally published on June 23rd, 2020.