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Expand AXIS Point of Sale With These Integrations featured img

Expand AXIS Point of Sale With These Integrations

March 22, 2022

It’s no secret that retailers utilizing AXIS Point of Sale have access to hundreds of features, making day-to-day operations a quick and easy task for managing customer sales and store inventory.

With the idea that no two retailers are the same, we’ve partnered with a handful of third-party technology providers and developed our own set of internal tools in order to make your AXIS experience even better – from eCommerce, to Electronic Waivers, Customer Marketing, and 4473 solutions. Review each option and find out how they can help to improve your daily workflow!

Have a Gearfire eCommerce website? This integration will provide you the opportunity to list in-store products from AXIS to sell online.

This integration is customizable, allowing you to select which products from your AXIS inventory to make available for sale online, and whether they should be sold for the regular retail price or have a web specific price.

When a customer makes an online purchase for an item available at the store, they’ll have an option for shipping or for store pickup. Once the order is placed, the web order syncs to your AXIS system as a Sales Order and provides an easily distinguishable notification at both theAXIS Register and AXIS Data Center applications to provide a seamless in-store pickup and/or shipping experience for you and your customers.

The 4473 eStorage integration is a true electronic experience from start to finish, allowing you to digitally sign and storeCustomer 4473s with no printing necessary. This is a fully ATF compliant process and utilizes the same 4473 form that you are used to today.

Customers will fill out their portion of the 4473 at the store using an available kiosk workstation and can digitally sign the form using a touchscreen or dedicated signature device. When completed, the information the customer provided will seamlessly sync to the AXIS Data Center application for you to review and proceed as required. When all information is captured on the electronic 4473 form and approval is received to proceed, AXIS will generate the customer transaction under their name at the Register for easy payment collection.

In addition to the benefits that a streamlined electronic 4473 process provides when working with customers, all completed 4473 forms will be digitally stored with no printing required. This means no more worrying about physically storing future 4473 forms and provides the added benefits of being able to use the search and filter functions in AXIS to quickly locate a specific 4473 to perform internal audits.

If you’re utilizing the Electronic 4473 process in AXIS, the eNICS integration will allow you to perform electronic NICS background checks directly in AXIS.

At the click of a single button during the Electronic 4473 process, the eNICS system pulls the information provided on the Electronic 4473 and sends it directly to the NICS background check system without you needing to pick up the phone, or manually populate customer information to an external website, dramatically reducing 4473 processing times with your customers.

RangeWorks is a partnered company that will allow AXIS to sync the information about your available Memberships, Education Classes, and Range Reservations to make these available for sale on your website.

When a customer purchases a Membership or Education Class online, the customer information gets synced back to your AXIS system for easy management of recurring billing, and class roster management.

Customers may also reserve a lane on your range online with this integration as well! In AXIS, you can control which lanes are reservable as well as set online booking time thresholds. When a customer reserves a lane online, this will be appropriately marked on your range timeline at the AXIS Register preventing double-booking or accidentally assigning another party to are served lane.  

Smartwaiver provides an electronic waiver solution, allowing customers to sign your waiver online or in-store with no printing necessary.

When a customer signs your waiver agreement throughSmartWaiver, you’ll be able to review the signed waivers to create a new customer account in AXIS to copy the information the customer provided on their waiver form to AXIS automatically, or you can attach the signed waiver to an existing customer account from the Party Control screen at the Register to mark the waiver as signed.

In addition to saving on paper, an electronic waiver will allow you easily manage customer waivers including setting a waiver expiration date or forcing all customers to resign on their next visit should a change in your waiver be made. 

CityGro offers a waiver solution that works with AXIS to allow customers to sign waivers electronically, with all the same benefits and functionality that the Smartwaiver integration provides.

Beyond a waiver solution, CityGro also provides retention and easy-to-use marketing tools that help you effectively communicate with customers, drive loyalty to your brand, and increase sales. With the CityGro integration, AXIS regularly syncs your customer information with your CityGro account allowing you to send marketing emails, text messages, and provide loyalty rewards to customers in one location.

Harness the power of the direct integration between AXIS and ActiveCampaign to send revenue-generating emails and texts at just the right time, target specific customers with meaningful segmentation, and leverage sales data to create triggered marketing automations that convert—No coding necessary!

AXIS sends customer specific data directly to ActiveCampaign via API to enable you to create workflows that seamlessly upsell and cross-sell with messages based on purchase activity.

Manage your own website? Use the AXIS Web API to integrate multiple data points from AXIS to build your own custom experiences on your website. From eCommerce to CRM, Classes, Memberships, Range, and more!

Interested in learning more about how each integration can help streamline and enhance your operation? Inquire within by contacting AXIS Support.