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D5 Ranges Morengo Implements AXIS Point Of Sale With Industry-Specific Applications featured img
Press Release

D5 Ranges Morengo Implements AXIS Point Of Sale With Industry-Specific Applications

November 17, 2020

D5 Ranges Marengo is a state-of-the-art 18,000 square foot showcase range and 14,000 square foot retail store in Marengo, IL. The retail portion of the range is overflowing with guns, gun accessories, apparel, and much more.

Because they operate on such a large scale, they recently implemented AXIS™ Point Of Sale Software to streamline business operations, remain ATF Compliant and boost sales. AXIS’s industry-specific applications help their business automate processes and reduce man hours.

Their facility consists of two separate ranges: 15 shooting lanes on the lower level (Range 1) and 15 shooting lanes on upper level (Range 2). These ranges are equipped with the most advanced capabilities and offer the latest in gun range technology and acoustics, therefore allowing the user an optimal shooting experience.

14,000 Sq Foot of Retail Space and VIP Area

18,000 Sq Foot 2 Level Range with 30 Twenty Five Yard Shooting Lanes

  • Each range level is 9,000 sq ft and includes (15) 25-yard shooting lanes
  • State of the art target retrievers capable of running friend and foe scenarios
  • Running man retrievers which run perpendicular to the shooter
  • Highest level acoustics

2-Level 360° Shoot House (for swat and tactical teams only)

1,200 Sq Foot of Training Classrooms

The 2-level, 360 shoot house provides a place for real life scenario training for police swat and tactical teams, allowing them to practice clearing stair wells, breach doors, clear mock apartments, and much more. For the every day shooter, D5 Ranges Marengo is equipped with superior shooting stalls which have high level acoustics, making your range time more enjoyable.

No matter your skill level, D5 Ranges Marengo offers a variety of training classes to assist beginner shooters, and to enhance the skills of even the most experienced. Don’t forget about CCW classes, too! Classes can be booked directly on their website, complete with course descriptions, and sorted by skill level certification and more.

The beautiful facilities of D5 Ranges Marengo can be explores here in precise detail, complete with captivating images and even a 360 degree virtual tour of the build process. Please join us in welcoming D5 Ranges Marengo to the Gearfire™ family!