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Digital Marketing

A Digital Marketing Solution When Selling Firearms Online

September 17, 2020

Digital marketing opportunities for firearms retailers are limited. Now, with COVID-19, inventory shortages, community lockdowns, etc., it is even more difficult to attract new customers and keep existing customers engaged. But it doesn’t have to be.

It’s no secret that Google, Facebook, Instagram and others do not allow marketing / advertising efforts for websites selling firearms and ammunition. But you still have options. Email marketing can quickly become one of your business’s biggest ways to generate revenue.

Is email marketing too “old school”?

Not at all! Using email is STILL the most effective digital marketing asset. In fact, email beats social media by 40 times for customer acquisition. That is a fact for advertisers in any industry, but is especially true for firearms manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Thanks to COVID-19, email is relied on more than ever.

Statistics show that since the pandemic began, more people are opening email than ever before. And while there hasn’t been much of an increase in sending emails year over year, open rates are on the rise.  Recipients want to know how the brands they follow are changing their business plans or responding to the crisis, and the increase in opens shows that email is still where consumers go to hear from brands.

“I’m not a digital marketer or a writer. How can I create emails that people will want to read?”

Consider your audience and present value! Write conversationally, but keep it brief. Be the firearms expert that you are and show your readers something cool.

It is important to remember that people skim emails rather than reading left to right, top to bottom. Keep your design basic as well. Guide your recipients’ eyes down the message with visual elements, bold colors and a clear call to action. Too many offers in a single email can confuse the reader, or make them feel insecure about a purchase decision. Think of your experience at a restaurant with a very large menu. It’s difficult to decide what to order.

Use a reliable email marketing service provider.

The tools you use to create and send emails matter. But your emails are only part of the equation. Did you know that Gearfire offers a complete suite of digital marketing tools from Emma, at the most affordable rates available? Plus, our working relationship with Emma means that there is virtually no risk of service interruption because you sell firearms.

  • Create and send beautiful, professional and personalized emails, with more than 200 email templates to choose from.
  • Use Emma’s lightbox or signup forms to capture email subscribers on your existing website.
  • List segmentation tools help you send targeted messages to specific groups. Targeted messages deliver much higher conversion rates.
  • Automated workflows allow you to engage your audience based on specific actions. Thank your subscribers for signing up. Send birthday or other promotional offers. And more.
  • Expert set up, support and training available at no cost.

For more information, or to sign up, follow the link below.

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