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AXIS™ Range Management - Online And In-Store

Eliminate the challenges of shooting range operations and simplify the time consuming tasks of operating your range. Say goodbye to long lines, and long waits, for your customers.

Optimized Range Operations

Comprehensive Management Tools for Shooting Ranges

Navigate the complexities of shooting lane management with effortless shooter queuing and check-out processes. Efficiently manage your rental firearms, ensuring accurate tracking and customer assignments. Administer classes with precision, from defining participant limits to tracking attendance and sending timely reminders. Tailor your range membership offerings, whether it's annual or monthly pricing, all while extending exclusive discounts to members. Embrace a holistic approach to range management with our robust suite of tools.

Move shooters from queue through check-out with ease.
  • Reservation scheduling
  • Define session duration and overage fees
  • Allows for multiple shooters on a single lane
Manage and track customers' use of your rental fleet.
  • Easily assign rental to customer at check-in
  • Track and report on rental statistics; including rounds and usage
  • Visual indicators notify staff of firearm possession at check-out
Define, manage, and sell education services.
  • Define maximum limit of class participants
  • Track roster check-ins
  • System generated email reminds enrollee of upcoming class
Configure multiple membership offerings to accommodate benefits and pricing.
  • Annual pricing or recurring monthly billing
  • Product, class, and range time discounts

Smartwaiver Integration

Smartwaiver is a digital waiver that can be signed at your location or online from any computer, tablet or mobile device. It seamlessly integrates with AXIS, so once signed, the electronic waiver is stored securely online, and is retrievable from the AXIS Point Of Sale. Never use or store paper waivers again!

Revolutionize Your Shooting Range Experience arrow

Elevate Operations with AXIS™ Range Management

Unburden your shooting range operations with AXIS™ Range Management. From streamlining shooting lane management, handling firearm rentals, administering courses, to customizing membership services, it's time to let technology do the heavy lifting. Factor in the seamless integration of Smartwaiver, and you're not just eliminating paper; you're pioneering a modern, efficient, and customer-friendly range experience. Why wait in the age-old queue when progress is just a click away?

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