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Gearfire™ Is Your End-To-End Business Solution Provider

Gearfire™ can provide the hardware and supplies necessary to optimize the performance of AXIS™, and ensure all system capabilities are available to be executed. Below is a list of hardware and supplies that we recommend.

Gear Up with AXIS™ Essentials

Optimal Hardware for Seamless AXIS™ Operations

To experience the full power of AXIS™, the right hardware setup is crucial. At the heart, an i5 or equivalent processor ensures unparalleled computing performance, complemented by a large 1920 x 1080 dpi monitor, designed for crisp visuals and easy navigation. Essential peripherals like the reliable Star TSP 143 receipt printer, versatile handheld scanners, the robust APG cash drawer, and the Zebra GK420 thermal printer, all come together to create an efficient and streamlined workflow. Prepare your business for optimal performance, and gear up with the AXIS™ hardware essentials.


The CPU provides the computing power required to run AXIS™. An i5 or equivalent processor is required to guarantee optimal performance. Additionally, every terminal should have a minimum of 8GB Ram.

Receipt Printer

The fast and reliable Star TSP 143 produces transaction-specific receipts. Receipt printer paper can also be ordered from our team.

Cash Drawer

APG is one of the most recognized names in the industry, and works flawlessly with all AXIS™ hardware systems.


A large 1920 x 1080 dpi monitor should be used to easily navigate AXIS™ and clearly display results. Touch screen capable monitors can provide additional benefits and ease of use.

Handheld Scanner

Corded or cordless, scanners are used to recognize items for retail transactions, pull customer information from a driver license, or in the execution of purchasing/receiving processes.

Label Printer

The Zebra GK420 thermal printer. This dependable desktop printer delivers the various firearm and item labels available in the AXIS™ application.

Server And Network: Powering AXIS™

The foundation of the AXIS™ system lies in its robust server and network infrastructure. As the backbone, the server and network ensure that all parts of AXIS™ function seamlessly, and with peak performance. From housing the database server—the “brain” of AXIS™—in a pristine environment to leveraging top-tier network infrastructure for optimal communication, every detail matters.

Key Components & Recommendations:

  • Database Server:
    • Acts as the brain of the AXIS™ system.
    • Should be securely housed in a dedicated, uncontaminated area.
    • Access should be limited to a select few employees.
    • A quality server is essential; without it, the system won’t operate.
  • Network Infrastructure:
    • Forms the communication bridge between POS terminals and the server.
    • Uncertain about your current setup? The AXIS™ Team offers network and hardware health assessments.
  • Performance Prerequisites:
    • True gigabit ethernet is crucial for optimal performance.
    • Utilize a minimum of Cat 5e network cabling.
    • Ensure switches/routers support 1 Gbps speeds.
Optimize Your AXIS™ Experience with Gearfire™ arrow

The Ultimate Outdoor Industries Business Hardware Solution

Gearfire™ isn’t just a software solution; it's an all-in-one provider, offering essential hardware tailored to maximize AXIS™ performance. From a powerful CPU ensuring seamless operations, to touch-screen monitors designed for clear display and ease of use, we’ve got you covered. Beyond just equipment, our team provides expert assessments on server health and network capabilities, ensuring a holistic solution for your business needs.

Upgrade with Gearfire™ Hardware