A store kiosk does MUCH more than showcase your inventory.

Last time we checked, only about 20% of all Gearfire dealers use a store kiosk to generate additional sales on their website. If you are in the other 80%, adding one to your store may seem like a challenge, or even a headache. We urge you to reconsider.

No matter how much time and/or money it may take, there are so many benefits to having a kiosk in your store. Sure, chances are good that it will help increase sales for your business, but that is just the beginning.

This article by Arthur Rouse, marketing guru and entrepreneur in the firearms and shooting sports industry, so clearly defines the benefits and reasons why adding a store kiosk is one of the smartest business decisions you will ever make. If not now, please make some time to read this well-written and incredibly informative article.

  • Learn about the best placement strategies for your store kiosk.
  • Discover how your kiosk actually helps your website rank HIGHER on local search engines.
  • SELL MORE by using your kiosk to showcase your vast inventory, or use it to up-sell your customers when they make a purchase.
  • Not sure where to start? It’s all in the article! There are step-by-step instructions from construction all the way to implementation. NOTE: Don’t worry too much about the website design and development tasks. You already have that covered!

LOTS of Gearfire dealers have already seen success with a store kiosk!

There is no need to get too fancy, or spend more money than you want. Just make sure that your kiosk pairs well with your brand and company culture. With a minimal investment, and continued membership with Gearfire, you can reap the benefits too! So if you are not utilizing a kiosk in your store, the time is NOW to add one. Here are two examples (from ACTUAL Gearfire dealers) to get your creative juices flowing:

Store Kiosk - Bear Arms, LLC - Hillsboro, OH

Bear Arms, LLC – Hillsboro, OH


Store Kiosk - Spring Guns & Ammo - Spring, TX

Spring Guns & Ammo –         Spring, TX