Gearfire had its most successful SHOT Show ever this year. What a way to celebrate its 40th Anniversary!  Not only did we have our own colorful Gearfire booth, we also had the opportunity to meet and greet attendees at our distributor partners’ booths: Sports South, RSR and Lipsey’s.

SHOT 2018 Lipsey's Team

Our friends from Lipsey’s

With the additional booth exhibiting demands this year, Gearfire had its biggest team in attendance with 15 employees! We had some seasoned veterans and some 1st time attendees. In addition to exhibiting at SHOT itself, we also had the opportunity to (again) exhibit at Industry Day, located at Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club.  Industry Day is an excellent opportunity for the media and dealers to preview manufacturers’ latest entries into the market.

SHOT 2018 Industry Day

Industry Day – SHOT Show 2018

As always, SHOT Show is filled with people from all over the world, exciting new product announcements and lots and lots of walking! This year, we had an arsenal of new features to offer current and potential Gearfire customers; like the newly implemented intuitive search function.

Gearfire will also make some announcements over the next few months of new distributor integrations.  With the technology offered at Gearfire, we have the ability to work with any size retail operation. It was a great 4 days to meet our current customers, and get feedback on how we are doing as a company. The response we receive from our customers is very valuable, and helps us understand what Gearfire needs to offer in the future.

All of our exhibiting locations were very busy with foot traffic throughout the 4 day show.  The Gearfire Team was shaking hands with our most loyal dealers, and meeting with those who haven’t yet tried us. Those who had never seen the robust Gearfire website platform were amazed at how easy it is to use! We gave on-the-spot demonstrations to over 300 business owners during this year’s show.

SHOT 2018 Crowd

After spending 5 days at the show, I asked some of the Gearfire attendees to give their thoughts on SHOT Show 2018. Here is what they had to say:

Tell me about someone interesting that you met or had a meeting with?

“I met and talked with two different women. One was a current dealer of ours (Jessica Keffer at The Sportsman’s Shop). It was nice putting a face with the voice. We talked about how they’ve been able to assist even more customers because of the website.They use it for their classes, memberships, and in-store inventory. We talked about how when customers go to the range, you have to offer a full experience. Not only the range but retail, customer service, offer food, things for the whole family. She said “Instead of going to the range for an hour or two, now you can bring the whole family, and make it a day event.” She also mentioned when she first would come she would have the “spouse” badge and tag along with her husband. But now she’s gotten so involved that she has her own badge and has her own meetings and list of things to do. Now she only sees her husband when they get back to the hotel. Women are becoming involved more and more.

The other woman was a young woman who works at a shop where they manufacturer specialty guns. She said she always finds it funny when people come into the store and ask for the owner, so they can ask questions or get advice. The owner always directs them back to her because he’s just there to do the actual building. She said they always say they never would have guessed she was so knowledgeable.”

“It was great talking to women in the industry and hearing how they’re so involved; not just the “spouse” as a lot of women mentioned.”

Ashley Marshall – Gearfire Account Manager (1st Time Attendee)

SHOT 2018 Gearfire Booth 2

One interesting individual that stands out is Arlen Swartzentruber, from B.E.A.R. gun store in Corsicana, TX. Arlen is one of those individuals with a very strong passion for the 2nd Amendment. He also posts some crazy and funny videos about him shooting, meeting new people or everyday life stuff. He’s just a hoot to chat with. Recently, he signed up with AmmoReady to use their 2.0 platform.

Tim Coker – Gearfire Director of Consumer Products

What is your overall outlook for 2018 in the Firearm Industry?

I am new to the industry, but after attending that show, it was clear that it is incredibly strong.On the other hand, I heard terms like “Facebook and Google Jail” many times throughout the visit, which I see becoming a larger issue for FFL’ holders who want to successfully market themselves.

Julie Shannon – Gearfire Project Manager

What are your thoughts after experiencing Shot Show for the 1st time?

It was an experience. It was a little overwhelming because there were so many people and so many things to see. But it was amazing seeing the different companies and things that make up the industry.

Ashley Marshall – Gearfire Account Manager

I was awe struck at the number of people and the elaborate booths.

Julie Shannon – Gearfire Project Manager

Thank you to all that attended Shot Show 2018, and stopped by any of our booths to say hello. We appreciate our customers here at Gearfire, and strive to give you the best ecommerce platform in the industry. As always, please feel free to leave us comments about your experience at Shot Show 2018.