We like to think that all of the dealers in the Gearfire Network (1,400+ and counting) are pleased with the services we provide. However, there has always been one “hiccup” in the Gearfire website platform that has frustrated our dealers and their customers for too long. Our search tool needed work.

Thanks to the feedback from our dealers, and keeping up with industry trends, we are proud to make the following announcement.

Gearfire's Old Search

Today, Gearfire has implemented a brand new, state-of-the-industry, intuitive search tool!

best in the industry

This is the biggest technology upgrade to the Gearfire website platform to date! In the past, consumers who visited our dealers’ websites may have had trouble finding the product they wanted to purchase. This is because our technology allows Gearfire dealers to offer tens of thousands of products to their customers. So, if the customer didn’t type their search with pinpoint accuracy, or use a UPC number, they may have struggled to find exactly what they wanted.

The struggle ends now!

Our new search tool is intuitive and user-friendly. It provides a better user experience, and will convert more sales for our dealers! According to a Forrester research report:

  • 8 seconds is the average time visitors spend before deciding whether or not to remain on a site.
  • 43 %t of visitors immediately go to the search box, and searchers are 2-3x more likely to convert than non-searchers.
  • 50 % of users prefer to use a site’s internal search engine, as opposed to navigating the site.
Before and After – A Gearfire Search Comparison

In the below images, you will see the results for the exact same search, using just ONE WORD, before and after our upgrade. NOTE THE MISSPELLING OF THE WORD “GLOCK” IN BOTH INSTANCE. Click on the images for a larger version:

Bad Glock Search

Before the upgrade, only one result was returned.

Fast forward to our new upgrade. You’ll see that even though “Glock” is misspelled, the results of the search are much more intuitive.

Glock Search

A case study performed on the revamping search of a website claims that they have doubled their sales! The report says that it enabled them to maximize site usability by delivering more relevant, tailored results to shoppers. At the same time, it allowed the collecting of significant user data and improved brand loyalty! The predictive nature allowed the customers to find what they were looking for much faster than before.

Gearfire expects similar results for our dealers! Their customers will spend less time navigating their site, because they will find what they are looking for much easier. Care to see for yourself? We invite our dealers to give our new search tool a try on their own websites.

Not a Gearfire dealer (yet), or are you a consumer? Give it a try on our own website!