Gearfire dealers, we have great news for your (already amazingly POWERFUL) website. Today, we have introduced our first mobile responsive template! This means that if you choose this new template, your website will load and function BETTER on mobile phones, tablets, etc.

As ecommerce trends continue to evolve, statistics tell us that most people who shop online are NOW doing so with a mobile device. And while Gearfire dealer websites have always worked on a mobile device, you may have noticed that certain pages or functions seemed a bit clumsy. By choosing the new responsive template for your website, you will find that navigation and user-interface are smoother and easier.

How can using a responsive Template benefit your business?

  • Your customers may spend more time on your website.
  • Your customers may view more pages on your website.
  • Your customers can find products to purchase more easily.
  • Your website can generate more sales!

To implement the mobile responsive Template:

  • Use the “Member Login” link at the bottom of your home page to log in to your Dealer Dashboard.

  • On the next page, hover your mouse over the “Your Website” Tab, then click “Web Template”.

  • Select the Template on the top of the screen! 

Gearfire Responsive Thumbnail

Tap for Larger Version

The current responsive template design looks very similar to the all new You’ll notice an abundance of “white space” that gives the website a crisp, clean look. It also draws the consumer’s attention to the products available, and menu navigation options.

But, if you’re a fan of our other “themed” templates, we will soon be adding even MORE responsive templates to choose from. These will be based on our most popular template designs to date. That means that in the near future, Gearfire dealers who enjoy the imagery of a template theme can still use it, AND make their website mobile responsive.

Gearfire plans to introduce many more exciting technology advances to our website platform. Our in-house team of internet technology experts continuously strives to make the Gearfire experience the absolute best for our dealers, and more importantly, THEIR customers!