Inventory management has become a widely discussed topic in the firearms industry after what took place since the latest election. Today I will talk about inventory, and ways that the Gearfire website platform can assist you in 2018.

This post was written by Scott Drzonsc, National Sales Manager at Gearfire.

If your in-store inventory is “heavy”, you can utilize the Gearfire platform to upload items to sell. If you want to reduce your in-store inventory risk, Gearfire can assist, by utilizing your “virtual” inventory.

Gearfire Virtual Inventory – Reduce Risk:

When speaking to dealers, a common discussion is the reduction of in-store inventory, and running lean in 2018. How can Gearfire help you get to that “lean” spot? Easy, utilize your “virtual” inventory! Gearfire now has 10 distributor partners! If you have all distributors connected to your Gearfire website, you have access to over $700 million in inventory!  Always point your customers to shop the website and use your eCommerce store as a virtual catalog.

Gearfire is an excellent option to leverage “virtual” inventory in your favor financially. The beauty of virtual inventory is that, you have no upfront cost.  Your customers are actually financing your inventory with their purchase!

What I am NOT saying is to have a store with bare shelves, as consumers love to touch and feel prior to purchase.  I am saying this… stock top selling items in your store to fill the shelves. Also, remember that consumers become purchase leery when store shelves don’t appear full. They may wonder if you will be in business after they make their purchase.

Reduce your risk by leveraging the virtual inventory with Gearfire and your distributor partnerships.

Uploading/Adding Products:

Another way that Gearfire can help you SELL is by uploading in-store items to your Gearfire website.  Gearfire allows you to upload any number of items onto your ecommerce website, and it is a very simple process. Take a picture of the item and determine the price you wish to sell it for. It is that easy. You can use this feature for items that you need to move quickly, or items that you would like to get more exposure. Utilize your online presence, and the visitors that come to your website.  When adding your own products,you can also “feature” these items or add the “on shelf today” ribbon to give these items some additional visibility.

Reduce Inventory Risk 1

In conclusion, your inventory is only as good as the demand for the items you carry.  Utilizing “virtual” products as a test market to judge demand will help you achieve that “lean” sweet spot in your business.

Below is an example of the traffic statistics you will find on your Gearfire Dealer Dashboard. This will give you insight into the demand of what your customers are looking for. Remember, knowledge is power, and these insights and statistics you collect each day from your customers will help you make the right inventory decisions moving forward.

Reduce Inventory Risk 2

Thank you for taking the time to read about inventory business strategies. I hope that you find this information helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please share them in the box below. I would love to hear from you!