Have you noticed the Henry Rifles Sweepstakes banner on your Gearfire website? Chances are, your customers have! One lucky winner will win a FREE custom rifle from Henry Repeating Arms!

Gearfire has teamed up with our friends at Henry to offer one lucky winner a chance to own a truly special firearm. This legendary rifle is one of only 1,000! Made In America or Not Made At All – just like all Henry firearms. It features an early vintage engraved design on both sides of the brass frame, and a deluxe fancy American walnut buttstock.

In case you missed those Henry ads on your website, they look like this:

Henry Sweeps

There are less than TWO WEEKS left to enter the sweepstakes! Consumers, visit the Gearfire website for your chance, and find a local dealer for all your shooting and outdoor sports needs!

Gearfire dealers… Sorry, you’re not eligible to win this amazing rifle. You get to win in very different ways!

We created the sweepstakes to help our dealers.

  • Those beautiful banner and skyscraper ads are listed on every Gearfire dealer website in our network.
  • SHARE SHARE SHARE the sweepstakes across all of your social media websites, email broadcasts, etc.
  • Got foot traffic in your store? Tell them to visit your website for their chance to win! If possible, list your website URL and info about the sweepstakes on every customer’s receipt!

Spreading the word about this exciting sweepstakes and prize from Henry can absolutely help your business, and increase traffic and sales on your website.

Customers who purchase in your store need to visit your website to enter the sweepstakes. That gives you a chance to sell more! You can even make it easier by telling the customer to pick up some ammo or accessories for the firearm they just purchased while they enter the sweepstakes.

Sharing the sweepstakes electronically via social media, email broadcasts, blogs, forums, etc. can strengthen your brand, and increase local SEO! You’re offering something that customers want, and there is no better price than FREE! That is sure to keep folks talking about and sharing the sweepstakes with friends, family, coworkers or whomever! AND, those folks are sure to visit your website more often to see what else they can win!

Gearfire has, and always will go above and beyond to provide the best service and features to our valued dealers. Without our network of dealers all over the United States, we couldn’t do what we do. As always, thank YOU!