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Credit Card Processing with NO firearms restrictions.



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With more than 2,000 shooting sports merchants on board, you never have to worry about being “shut down” because you sell firearms.


Gearfire Payments accepts ALL firearms retailers, including those who also sell suppressors, NFA items, exploding targets and all other items determined ineligible by other providers.


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Does your current Merchant Services Provider consider your business a risk?


More and more shooting sports retailers are finding it difficult to find reliable, affordable credit card payment processing solutions due to certain products their business offers. Gearfire Payments will never question the merchandise you sell. We were founded to specifically service the shooting sports industry.


If you are a Shooting Sports Retailer and are tired of wondering if or when you’ll have an interruption in service, we welcome you to Gearfire Payments. Our extensive network and working relationships guarantee that credit card processing solutions are always available.




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Sales Magnet

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Sell Your Products

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Exclusive Industry Data

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Countertop Terminals, Mobile Card Readers and Wireless Smart Terminals Available



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Gearfire, Together With Retail Technology Group Provides The Only End-To-End Solution For The Shooting Sports Industry