Turn Key Success


Give your customers the ability to shop anytime, anywhere from your state-of-the-art online store! They can place orders and receive purchase confirmation even when your retail location is closed and it’s easy to manage your markups by category or individual items.


You can easily customize your online storefront to feature specials, community events or whatever you wish to spotlight, and relax knowing that traffic will be driven to your site by Gearfire’s national ad campaign which includes numerous magazine ads.


For the crazy low price of $100/month, you can have a world-class eCommerce storefront that is easy to set up and requires little to no maintenance. Your site is automatically stocked from the world’s largest online inventory. You have to see it to believe it.


You can’t sell what you don’t have. Join today for fast access to the largest firearms and accessories inventory in the world! We’ve strategically partnered with the industry’s top manufacturers and distributors to increase your online shelves.


Put the Interwebs to work for you! Your Gearfire membership gives you a dynamic online storefront featuring the top selling firearms plus a massive inventory from our numerous partner distributors, updated every 15 minutes for immediate purchase.

Gearfire’s FAQs


Is Gearfire a buying group?

No. Gearfire is an eCommerce platform that caters specifically to the growing firearm industry, and is tailored for the FFL Dealer business.

Does Gearfire represent dealers’ interests with distributors?

No. Gearfire does not get involved in the dealer-to-distributor relationship. The dealer is responsible for developing, building and maintaining their relationships with their distributors.

Doesn’t my website compete with Gearfire’s main website?

No. Gearfire’s national website does not sell products. In fact, the website only refers shoppers to our dealers’ websites. It is designed to create a sales funnel that is constantly streaming traffic to the dealers to help their online store succeed.

How does the website work?

You are provided with your own robust and powerful eCommerce website that is customized for your success. Your online store can stream live inventory from Big Rock Sports, Bill Hicks & Co., Davidson’s, Chatanooga Shooting Supplies, Camfour,  Lipseys, RSR Group, Sports South, Zanders. This gives your customers access to over $1 Billion dollars of inventory to shop 24/7, nationwide…inventory that you may not have in stock. We manage and maintain over 90,000 individual products making sure the product photo matches the description, and other tedious tasks. The customer pays the price you set – the full payment is then processed and sent directly into your checking account.


Are the products I sell online from my store or from a distributor?

Both. Most dealer members fulfill their online orders through a network distributor. However, dealers have the option of fulfilling orders from their own inventory or from another distributor.

Can I sell my own products?

Yes. It is very easy to add your own inventory: used guns, Class III firearms, gun-smith products, archery equipment, fish and tackle – you name it – we provide you with every tool you need to make selling your products simpler.

How do I know if I have an order?

You will receive an email alert from Gearfire and an email receipt from your merchant service provider with every online purchase.

Can I set my own pricing?

We’ve made it easy for you. Set you own margins by product category or by individual product.


How do I receive products?

Products ship directly to your store where the customer can then pick it up. If you need to ship out the product from your store, you can use Gearfire’s discounted shipping rates to take advantage of the best shipping rates possible for your order and fulfillment needs.

Do we offer discounted shipping from the distributor to the dealer store?

No. Shipping rates are negotiated between the distributor and the dealer.

Do you have any special shipping rates?

Yes. Gearfire offers 50% off Next Day Air, 40% off 2nd Day Air and more. These discounts are available for all dealer members.

Can I use those special rates for other products as well?

Yes. In fact, studies show that online customers desire low-cost shipping and handling. That’s why we recommend that dealers advertise discount shipping to increase their sales. Feel free to advertise the special shipping rates for any product you ship from your store.

Does Gearfire offer drop shipping?

No. Drop shipping is decided by each individual distributor. The current distributors that support Gearfire drop shipping are AcuSport, RSR Group, Sports South and Zanders. Each dealer will need to speak directly to their AcuSport, RSR Group, Sports South or Zanders representative to discuss how to get a drop shipping account set-up and integrated for future orders.


Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. Most member dealers use a unique domain name just for their online store. It’s a great way to identify with your customers and promoting your brand.

How do I get products from distributors?

Dealers prioritize the network distributors in order of preference of order fulfillment. Once an order is placed, the product will be held, processed and shipped directly to the dealer store. It’s that simple.

Can Gearfire help me set up a distributor account?

No. Account set-ups are negotiated between the distributor and the dealer.

How does Gearfire know the pricing that I have with my distributor?

We enter your distributor account credentials into the back-end of the platform so that pricing and fulfillment is processed specific for that account.

Do I have to use the Gearfire network distributors?

Yes. You must have at least one of the network distributors (Big Rock, Bill Hicks, Camfour, Crow Shooting Supply, Davidson’s, Lipseys, RSR Group, Sports South, Williams Shooters Supply or Zanders) in order to stream inventory. However, you may fulfill your orders through any distributor you choose, including distributors that are not part of the network.


I’m lost, what do I do?

If you are not yet a part of the network, give our professional sales staff a ring at: (480) 696-4335. If you are already a network member, give your account manager a call at: (480) 991-0046. Make sure that you select the “support” prompt.

Who do I call for more answers?

Once you’ve become a member, you will be assigned to an account manager. We call them Dealer Championators because they are purely dedicated to serving and training you on the best ways to leverage your new website and grow your online store.

Do you have any tutorials?

Yes. From their dashboard’s administrative area, dealer members can access over 30 videos and training documents that walk them through any process they want to learn. They can also schedule additional training with their Dealer Championator.


Can I link to your site with my existing site?

Yes. If you have an existing website that is driving traffic, simply add a “Online Sales” hyperlink button to your homepage.

Can I change the look of my website?

Yes. There are several professional website templates that you can choose in order to customize the look of your site.

Can I use my own logo?

Yes. Simply upload your logo using your website’s dashboard and save the file. That’s all there is to it.

Does Gearfire provide web traffic analytics?

Yes. We provide you with a robust analytic web traffic suite that gives detailed metrics such as: unique visitors, total visitors, page views, time spent, and more. A Google Analytics tracking code can be entered into the backend as well.

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