Science Sells Guns

With insights from the largest real-time database of in-market firearm shopper behavior, you can get gun sales down to a science. Literally.

Humans Still Matter

At NFDNetwork, technology is only half the equation. That’s why NFDNetwork employs the best service and support experts who exist solely to advise our amazing dealer members. Having a full-service team under one roof is an untouchable advantage. Functioning like a mini-agency; our unique collaboration defeats our dealers’ competition.

A Seamless Shopper Experience

NFDNetwork is unique in bringing manufacturers and dealers together to deliver an optimal gun-shopper experience, connecting the dots from their screens to your store.

One Platform, Endless Profitability

The Dealer Command Center is the first “full control” shooting sports digital marketing solution. This central hub enables everything from basic website maintenance to sophisticated strategic decisions.

—Shane Wagoner, Director of Dealer Marketing