My expectations were very high coming into this year’s B2BMX conference at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess here in Scottsdale, Arizona. Last year was my first year attending, and I was blown away with the marketing presentations and content that I inhaled during the 3-day event. Here is my recap from last years event.

This post was written by Scott Drzonsc, National Sales Manager at Gearfire.

After B2BMX last year, I implemented many of those ideas into our sales/marketing email campaigns, and had success with increasing open rates, clicks and interactions. For example, our drip campaign (people we have lost contact with) was implemented and we had a smashing success! We averaged open rates of 27% and produced 11 NEW sales from this campaign in only 7 months of implementing it. With all marketing campaigns, you adjust on the fly and make changes to further improve your reach. One of those “on the fly” changes led me to develop a “Drip Campaign” calendar to better plan our topics for the rest of 2017 and 2018 marketing efforts.

Let’s talk about this year’s B2BMX event. It was just as good, if not better! The presenters, subjects and networking were beyond my expectations. I also had the opportunity to bring along Kim Chacon, Sales Executive at Gearfire. The goal was to divide and conquer all of the presentations and information thrown at us during B2BMX.

After the conference, Kim and I debriefed about what we learned from this year’s conference. This led to a white-boarding session to develop and implement what we had learned into the Gearfire marketing initiatives for 2018.

B2BMX WhiteBoard

People at B2BMX

With a conference like B2BMX, you always get to meet amazing people, talk shop and develop friendships.  For example, this year I had the opportunity to meet a few folks from Uberflip, a content platform that allows businesses to create remarkable content experiences for every stage of the buyer journey.

After attending the Case Study, “How to Scale Your ABM Program with Content”, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the presenters, Preeti Pinch, Sr., Account Executive with Uberflip. We reconnected the next day at the Uberflip booth, and Preeti gave Kim & I a demonstration of the functionality of the Uberflip product, along with some awesome socks!

Uberlift Socks

Learning – Direct Mail Campaigns?

Here are some topics that were discussed, and have made an impact on our marketing efforts moving forward.

  • Personalized Content – Marketing communications are essential to increasing open and click rates, as well as growing market share with solution selling. Asking your prospect the simple question, “What are your current challenges?” will lead to an open conversation for you to provide a solution that may fit their business. It also helps provide a clue as to what content you provide in the next stage of the sales process.
    • NOTE: 10% Product vs. 90% Solution selling – Be a PARTNER not a provider.
  • Omni-Channel consistency is at a premium. Content messaging needs to stay consistent throughout the marketing campaign, sale and customer service stages.
    • STAT: 42% disconnect when the message or content is inconsistent.
  • Segment marketing (or group marketing) is important. This gives you the ability to further personalize, and to deliver content pieces that are relevant.
    • STAT: 63% disconnect when content is irrelevant
  • Direct mail is making a comeback. Yes, you read that correct. Old school, direct targeted marketing campaigns are working again. Your inbox is getting full, and it is super easy to just swipe left on your phone or click delete on your computer.
    • NOTE: Direct mail campaigns must have premium content, a timed sequence and a call to action to be successful.
  • Video, Video, Video! Just like at last years conference, video is essential in marketing campaigns.  Use Social Media to post videos, more specifically “teaser” videos, on what your solution and product is all about.
    • STAT: 70% of research prior to purchase is done by watching videos of that company’s product. 


After my 3 days at B2BMX, I will say this. I still have lots to learn when it comes to marketing. But through professional connections, like those I made at B2BMX, my personal journey to improving my marketing knowledge and implementation is again making huge strides.

Thank you again to the B2BMX staff, the presenters and all the wonderful people that I met during those 3 days. I look forward to seeing you all again at the 2019 B2BMX event!