Gearfire – a look back at 2016.

2016 has been a BIG year for the Gearfire Team. This blog post was designed to look back at the last twelve months. We are not tooting our horn here. Instead, we decided to remind all of our valued Gearfire dealers that we are constantly at work to provide the absolute best tools and services for your business. And in case you don’t remember everything, consider this a dealer success checklist. Are you doing all you can to help grow your business?


04/2016 – Gearfire IGNITE launches.

When we launched the IGNITE program in April, our goal was to give manufacturers an opportunity to list  their product(s) on all 1,350+ Gearfire dealer websites to sell, WITHOUT having that product in wholesale distribution. Sure, this benefits the manufacturers, but it benefits our dealers as well. To learn how, take a look our blog post from April 1.

Gearfire Brand Announcement

05/2016 – NFDNetwork becomes Gearfire!

Remember our old name, and how silly it sounded? What were we thinking, right? The answer is we were thinking about our first love, guns. But as our company grew, we needed to adapt. The name Gearfire was born. Our new name helped us fine-tune our mission, and kickstarted a new initiative to benefit manufacturers, distributors, dealers and consumers alike. Read all about it!

Gearfire local SEO

06/2016 – Gearfire helps with local SEO.

E-commerce is not a new concept. From year to year, statistics show us that more and more consumers conduct research online before making a purchase. At the same time, more and more (LOTS MORE) purchases are happening online as well. So, how does your business stand out from the rest? For starters, Gearfire can guarantee improvement in your local search engine rankings. Find out how here.

Pokemon Go

07/2016 – the Pokemon GO craze.

The summer of 2016 might be remembered as the summer of the Pokemon craze (again). Pokemon GO is a mobile exploration game for smart devices that forces players to get up, get outside, and catch ’em all! BUT, it also allowed small businesses of every kind to use some tricks to market their business inside the game. One Gearfire dealer sold a handgun in less than an hour thanks to those tiny virtual creatures. Refresh your memory now. And be ready to possibly apply the same tips and tricks when the next big mobile exploration game is released.

Hub mountains

08/2016 – The HUB goes mobile.

A while back, we introduced a brand new social media website for gun lovers, patriots, and all things outdoors. Since then, GearfireHub has been bringing folks just like you together online. For Gearfire dealers, it is even more special. The Hub can be used as a FREE marketing tool for your business. Plus, with mobile apps for Android and iOS, getting to the Hub takes just one tap!

Chuck Morehead   Emily Tatum

 Jeff Sykes   Ross Bartel

09/2016 – Gearfire’s IT Dream Team!

Throughout Gearfire’s history, there were often times that certain website development tasks needed to be outsourced. With our new IT team in place, we can handle web development issues more quickly, with no ‘middle man’. Also, we can gather important data and analytics, implement new website features, generate the best visual and functional experience for consumers, and more! Meet the team here.

Zip Code Map - AZ

10/2016 – Zip codes and your website.

Since 2012, Gearfire has been offering zip codes to our dealers in their local area. If you are unfamiliar with how they work for your website, the previous sentence doesn’t make a lot of sense. The truth is, because of our zip codes, you may have earned sales without even knowing it. Get familiar with how zip codes work, and how they could be very beneficial to the success of your online business.

AcuSport Logo

11/2016 – Welcome AcuSport.

Feedback from our Gearfire dealers is invaluable. Think about it. How often do you make a suggestion to anyone you are a customer of, and do they actually implement your ideas? Because the success of Gearfire depends on our dealers, we listen. YOU, the Gearfire dealers, gave us overwhelming feedback about AcuSport. So, we established a working relationship with them, and added them to our live distributor inventory stream. See why we love AcuSport as much as you do, and learn how to add their inventory to your website if you haven’t done so already.

SHOT Show 2017

Looking ahead to 2017 – SHOT Show.

Show season is just around the corner, and it is the busiest time of year for those of us in the firearms, shooting sports, law enforcement and outdoor sports businesses. Perhaps the biggest and best show for all of us is the annual SHOT show in Las Vegas. For the first time ever, Gearfire will be exhibiting in TWO locations during SHOT. We’d love for you to come say hello. Find out where to find us.