Zip Code referrals from Gearfire – How do they work?

Since our beginning, Gearfire has been offering zip code referrals to all of our Network dealers. You may have even earned sales without knowing it because of them. Often, our dealers ask exactly how zip code referrals work, and how they can earn more. This article breaks it all down.

How Zip Code Referrals Work:

When potential customers browse our national site at, and products are found that he or she wants to purchase, the customer must be referred to a local dealer to complete the sale. If the “get your discount” button is clicked, the user is prompted to enter their zip code. This will direct the user to a dealer site in one of two ways.

  • If the Zip Code is owned by a dealer – Customers are redirected to that dealer’s website for the sale.
  • If the Zip Code is NOT owned by a dealer – Customers are directed to a map that lists all network dealers within a 50-mile radius of their zip code. When there are no dealers within the 50-mile radius, the map expands to find the closest network dealer to the zip code entered. gets hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. Our zip code conversions send tens of thousands of those visitors to their local dealer for the sale. Did you know you have the option to purchase additional zip codes for your website to earn more direct referrals?

Zip Code Map - PA               Zip Code Map - TX

With a quick phone call or email, we can even tell you which zip codes in your area are available! Any available zip code within 12 miles of your storefront can be purchased for just $25 per month, per zip.


Find out what zips are available near YOU! Give us a call at (480) 696-4335


Benefits of Zip Code Ownership:
  • There’s no commitment – Give as many (available) zips as you want a try. If after some time you are not happy, simply cancel them from your account. There is NO PENALTY!
  • Sales without trying shoppers find product to buy, and are sent directly to your website to complete the sale.
  • Better web presence for new dealers – Is your business just starting out? Marketing your business online can be expensive. BUT, when we send customers directly to you from, business increases. Plus, our referrals help online shoppers know that your business (and website) is legitimate and trustworthy.
  • Compete locally – When a shopper is directed to your website to complete the sale, he or she may never know if another local dealer is in the network. This can improve repeat business.
  • Less money / time spent on marketing – Gearfire’s SEO and marketing efforts continually draw more traffic to our website. Since the shopper must be directed to a dealer website to complete the sale, our efforts directly benefit our network dealers, while you do nothing!
  • It will only get better – Gearfire is working extensively to increase SEO on our  website. Millions of visitors every month will convert to more local dealer sales.



With ZERO commitment and a minimal investment, you can refer more business to your Gearfire website. Call today!


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