Are your Gearfire website sales a little slow? Trick question, there can never be enough sales! But selling products can be especially difficult during the slower summer months. The good news is that you are not alone, as this trend affects FFL dealers throughout the United States. But since you’re a Gearfire dealer, you have an advantage built right into your website – the Top Sellers tool!

Utilizing the Top Sellers tool to leverage sales is easy!

Your Gearfire website has a powerful tool built right in that will show you real-time movement data from all 8 distributors that currently stream inventory to the Gearfire Network.

  • This movement data reflects ALL sales at the distributor level, not just sales to Gearfire dealers.


Discover the Nation’s best selling items with just a few clicks!

Top Sellers

When reviewing the Top Sellers on your Gearfire website, you’ll notice that they are broken down by Department and Category. Since you know your local market better than anyone, you can choose which products might be the most appealing to your customer base.

So what’s next? Well, you will probably want to present some of the top sellers to your customers online. We have made that easy for you. In just a few seconds, you can:

  • choose to feature ANY of the top selling items on your website’s home page, or in a specific Category.
  • present these items to your in-store customers by instantly placing an order with your distributor(s).

When utilizing the top sellers tool on your Gearfire website, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

  • Add top selling items to your website frequently. Your repeat visitors will want to know what you can offer. Plus, trends change. The best-selling products may vary by season, climate or political influence.
  • Featured items on your home page or in Categories will remain as long as you wish. Check frequently to be sure they are still in stock! If an item runs out, replace it with another best seller.
  • Launch in-store promotions or online campaigns based on top-selling products. You already know these products are in demand.

Still unsure how the top sellers tool works?

You can access all of the help you need by logging into the store administration tools of your website. There are tutorial videos and documents to walk you through everything. Just check out the “Basic Training” section on the “Your Website” tab.

Gearfire - Basic Training

Gearfire will always provide tools to help our dealers succeed. It’s just one more reason why we are the PREMIER ecommerce solution for firearms and outdoor sports retailers. If you ever have questions, you can always reach out to your dedicated Account Manager, free of charge.

Want access to out Top Sellers tool, but not part of the Gearfire Network? You’ll have to sign up to take advantage of this and the many more POWERFUL and beneficial tools to help increase the success of your business. Go Gearfire!