Gearfire Spirit Week – October 3-7.

Maybe we were feeling nostalgic. Or perhaps we all missed high school. More than likely, we were just too stir crazy at the Gearfire office. Whatever the reason, we decided to host a spirit week this month for kicks and giggles. Personally, I think there are just too many jokers working here who like to wear funny outfits. Also, there was a potluck. That’s never a bad thing.

With any good spirit week, there were themes for each day. Check out the pictures below to see who dressed to the nines. Tap on any of the pictures for a larger version. You know you want to.



Spirit Week - Camouflage Day

Camouflage Day. It’s as if nobody is in the picture at all!

What you really can’t see in the camo-day picture is our CEO, Roger. He had his suit custom made to match the carpeting. That’s camouflage done right!


Spirit Week - 80's Day

80’s Day. You just aren’t cool unless you have bright colors, big hair and pegged pants!

Remember the 80’s? Thinking back on it now, clothes and style back then were pretty outrageous. But admit it. You threw on outfits like these, teased your hair in front of the mirror and exclaimed to the world “I look radical!”.


Spirit Week - Neon Day

Neon Day. We were seen from space. It was on the local TV news.

Neon Day, not to be confused with 80’s Day. It’s different, we swear! This is what happens when the loud, colorful people are in charge of picking the themes!


Spirit Week - Hawaiian Day

Hawaiian Day. Nobody thought to snap a picture near a palm tree? We are in Arizona, people!

Finishing off the week was Hawaiian Day. To everyone else, it looks like we really want to hang on to summer. But to us, we were just happy to be outside when the temperature was below 110 degrees!



I know what you’re thinking. A true Spirit WEEK should be five days, and there are only four pictures. Well, our fearless leaders decided that one day during the week should be dedicated to the appreciation of the entire Gearfire team. There was no theme. But our COO (Chad) washed all of our cars by hand! That’s a joke of course. He only washed mine…. with a bucket of soapy water and some steel wool. I’m pretty sure he KNEW that wasn’t a good idea.

Here’s a side note, Gearfire team. These pictures are on the internet. You can never escape them. Don’t get into politics. See you for the next Spirit Week!