Visit Spain for an incredibly scenic and heart-pounding bow hunt!

Gearfire’s Adam McLain is back to share another hunting adventure. This time, he takes us all the way to Spain, where he had the opportunity to capture some amazing stills and video of a wild Ibex hunt. If you didn’t know, an Ibex is a wild European species of goat (I seriously had NO idea what they were).

Learn all about the trip in Adam’s own words. Plus, check out the video! Adam really has a talent for capturing the beautiful landscape, and telling an engaging story with his video camera.

In December of 2015, I received a phone call from a good friend (Brandon Goodwin). He was asking if I wanted to go to Spain in December of 2016 to film an Ibex hunt. Before Brandon could finish his sentence I was telling him “YES!”. The only downside to this trip was the fact that I had to wait a full year to go on this adventure.

Fast forward nearly 12 months to the day, and I’m boarding the plane and heading for Spain!

We wasted NO time when we arrived in Spain. We immediately met with our outfitter, had lunch and went straight into the hunt. I was blown away by the breathtaking views Spain had to offer. I was also very surprised by how difficult this terrain was to hike.

Ibex literally live on steep cliffs in the mountains. Trying to walk and film was no easy task on this hunt. One wrong step might be your last. Having to climb around a waterfall with my gear is sketchy and not fun. BUT, you have to go where the Ibex live.

As we got deeper into their environment, we spotted a group of Ibex and came up with a plan to get in bow range. When stalking an animal with your bow, everything has to go right. Our game plan must have been good, as it allowed us to sneak within 25 yards of them.

At the right moment, Brandon drew back his bow and made a perfect shot! The rest is history, as you will see in the video. Brandon’s Gredos Ibex ranked 31 overall in the SCI record book. It was a true trophy harvest, and a dream come true for him. For me, it was an absolute privilege to capture everything on film.

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