Last week was a big week in Las Vegas, hosting the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show). NFDNetwork was in attendance, of course, and we had a blast!
Our friends at Sports South were generous enough to share some booth space with us, which helped us reach out to more of those in attendance. In fact, this year’s SHOT Show brought nearly 64,000 attendees from countries all over the world!
As you can imagine, such a large turnout for SHOT Show suggests the firearms industry continues to “boom” (see what we did there?). In fact, Steve Sanetti, NSSF President and CEO, at the State of the Industry Dinner stated, “Firearm sales experienced the second highest year ever and ammunition sales continue at near record levels; firearms permit and safety classes report long waiting lists; and the number of apprentice hunting licenses increased to well over 1 million,” when addressing the industry throughout 2014.
This is GREAT news for the firearms industry as a whole. Consumers are buying more. Product is becoming more readily available (.22LR ammo, anyone?), and involvement in shooting sports and recreation continues to trend. We can all benefit from this, and continue the growth of the business.
NFDNetwork’s experience at SHOT Show was exactly what we had hoped for, and more! We signed up many new dealers to the network, and even got to mingle with some current dealers. So many of you took time out of your busy schedule to visit us at the Sports South booth, just to put our faces to the names, or to express how pleased you are with your website and membership. And well, that speaks volumes to us! We are 100% committed to ensuring all of our NFDNetwork dealer partners are happy. Thanks so much for the support!
While reaching out to as many folks as we could at the show, the NFDNetwork team was also making big moves with our distributor and manufacturer partners. 2015 will be a big year for NFDNetwork. As our network continues to grow (1,000 dealers and counting), we intend to utilize our strength in numbers. So, if you’re lucky enough to be a part of our network, you will soon be reaping the benefits of our hard work.
So far in 2015, we have added two more Distributor partners to our inventory stream. We are so pleased to have Big Rock Sports and Bill Hicks on board. Additionally, we have added manufacturers Ruger and Bond Arms (with EAA Corporation coming soon) to our web store initiative. That means that consumers can now shop each manufacturer’s website, and purchase product DIRECTLY from their local NFDNetwork dealer!
Overall, it was an incredible SHOT Show in Las Vegas for NFDNetwork this year. Get ready for even more additions and improvements to our network. Since the show, we are in communication with several new manufacturers about advertising efforts, and new ways to generate more buzz about NFDNetwork. We are here to stay, and can’t wait to have you on the journey with us!
For more details about SHOT Show 2015, check out their blog too!

—Richard Hennigan, Systems Administrator