The name Jim Shockey is pretty well known, especially to those who love hunting and outdoor sports. And when our own Adam McLain was recently asked to help out with a promotional video shoot, he had no idea he’d get to work with the man himself.

Adam was asked by a friend on the Board of the ADBSS (Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society) if he could produce a promotional video for them. The video is to be shown at an upcoming ADBSS dinner banquet. Little did he know that while producing the video, he’d have the opportunity to meet and work with one of the most well-known hunters in the world.

“Jim Shockey is not just a hunter with a TV show. He’s big time.”

As you can imagine, Mr. Shockey appears as the “star” in Adam’s video. And although Adam is very good at what he does, he was a little starstruck, and dare I say intimidated about the experience. Here is what he had to say for himself:

Normally working with “A-Class” celebrity hunters doesn’t get me nervous. But Jim Shockey is at the top of the mountain where only a few people in this industry stand. Jim’s son Branlin produces Jim’s shows and other very popular shows on hunting channels. Branlin has been someone who I have looked up to for many years. So going into this shoot, I knew I had big shoes to fill. 

Jim Shockey 1

Fast forward to February, I’m loading up my Jeep with all of my production equipment and heading to the S.C.I. show in Vegas (where the video was produced). I got to my hotel late Thursday afternoon, walked over to meet the guys from the ADBSS to check out the conference room. I would be setting up my portable studio and filming Jim the following morning. That night I got zero sleep. I was too nervous about filming on Friday. Like I said before, I knew I had big shoes to fill. 

The big day came, and Adam got to work. No pressure…

Friday morning I only had one hour to set the green screen up, get the lighting correct, and make sure the audio was tuned. Somehow I was able to get this all done before Jim showed up. With a few minutes to spare I was able to take a deep breath and calm down.

Jim showed up right on time. When he walked through the doors, his first words were “wow you’ve got a full on studio setup. I’m impressed!”. Him saying that took all of the nervous feelings I had away. What a relief!

Right away we got into filming. I was blown away by how easy it was to work with someone like Jim. You see how people act on TV, and they seem all great and kind, but you never really know how they are in person. How Jim acts on TV is how he is in real life. He’s just a good down to earth person. After we were done filming Jim said again how impressed he was with the overall shoot. That made me feel like I’m reaching the goals I have been setting for myself in film making. 

Jim Shockey 2

The entire Gearfire team couldn’t be more proud of Adam. And we are definitely happy to have him in our building when he’s not meeting celebrities, producing interesting video, or hunting all over the world!

Now for the big premiere! Check out Adam’s video with Jim Shockey right here!

To learn more about Adam’s talents, check out BivVy Productions on YouTube!