Ryan’s bag is full of… well, not junk.

In a recent feature on the NRA’s Shooting Sports USA, they asked what was in Ryan’s bag. Sounds like a personal question, right? In a way, it is. This great article gets to the bottom of not only what equipment Ryan uses while competing, but also his love of shooting sports in general.

Ryan Wiggins works for Gearfire as a product specialist, and for good reason. He knows his gear. Since he was very young, Ryan has been around firearms. He quickly developed a love for shooting and the outdoors. The remarkable thing is, he’s only been shooting competitively for about two years, and is making quite a name for himself.

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NRA Shooting Sports USA

As you’ll discover in the article, Ryan’s main competition is 3-Gun. But his story begins in Arizona, where Ryan started shooting at local pistol matches with a great group of people. He shot in his first 3-Gun competition a little more than a year ago, and has taken on much more since then, including almost every major 3-Gun Nation Regional Series match.

Today, Ryan is the the Match Director for the 3-Gun Nation Club Series and the Cactus Combat Match League. Because he suggested adding 3-Gun to his local club, he wound up becoming the match director for one of the largest shooting facilities in the country. Right place, right time? You could say that. More than likely, though, it was Ryan’s passion for shooting sports that brought him to where he is today.

Ryan is using his increasingly popular name to encourage others to get involved in shooting sports. For some folks, the idea of competitive shooting, or shooting in general, could be intimidating. But the shooting community supports one another, and newcomers are always welcome.

Be sure to give Ryan’s feature article a read, and find out what’s in Ryan’s bag!