Adam McLain vs. the Velvet Head Mule Deer

It is no secret that Gearfire’s Adam McLain loves bow hunting. He also happens to be very good at it. Recently, Adam shared the story of his upcoming hunt, and his plans to bag his first velvet headed mule deer.

With any successful hunt comes the right planning. This time Adam’s intentions were good, but he hit some roadblocks along the way. He plans to harvest a mature mule deer still in velvet, in his home state of Arizona. This past June, it was time to put in for Arizona deer hunts. Adam’s plan was to put in for a good unit to give him the best chance to bag a velvet muley.

“With four bonus points going into this year’s draw, I thought I had a for sure thing. Come July I found out I wasn’t drawn for the hunt I applied for.”

Luckily in Arizona we have OCT (over counter tags) for archery deer. These tags allow you to hunt almost the whole state, aside from a few units. One of those units is the unit Adam applied for. Bummer. With archery season starting in AZ on 8/19, Adam was scrambling to decide where he wanted to hunt.

“I knew I didn’t want to hunt the low desert in Arizona during August and September because of how hot it is here. So I started my scouting in Eastern Arizona, 10,000 feet in the mountains.”

Adam has been traveling the state every weekend scouting for the perfect mule deer. On his second trip, he found his target. He has named the deer ‘Drop’ because of the drop tine he has coming off his antler. Oh, and yes, the pictures in this blog post are of the actual Drop.

“Every scouting trip I have found Drop, I have been able to relocate him every time. If he stays on his summer pattern, I should be able to slip in and get an arrow in him come August 19th.”

With the right gear and time spent in the field, Adam says he is prepared to reach his hunting goal this year. The velvet head mule deer has been chosen. Sorry, Drop. It looks like your days are numbered.

Mule Deer 2

Adam has been hunting since he was very young, and is extremely knowledgable. He works as a Product Specialist here at Gearfire, so he really does know his stuff. Take a look at the gear he will be using for the “Hunt for Drop”:

Hunt Gear

Mathews Chill R Compound Bow
Easton Axis Arrows (495 grains)
Grave Digger Broadheads
Kuiu Clothing Gear
Vortext Razor HD 85mm Spotting Scope
PhoneSkope Camera Attachment
Vortext Razor HD 10×42 Binos
Sony AX 100 4k Video Camera
Canon t5i DSLR

We will certainly keep you posted about the fate of (poor) Drop. Until then, feel free to check out Adam’s YouTube Channel to learn more about him, and his successful hunts all over the world!