Back on March 14th, I posted “5 easy ways to promote your ecommerce website.” If you missed it, catch up here.

To continue the series, let’s take a deeper dive into social media marketing for your business.


Marketing on social media can be easy and very effective to increase awareness to your potential customer base. There are several free social media applications that you can take advantage of. For example; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn are great places to promote your business and events. Always remember to drive traffic with a direct link to your Gearfire ecommerce website.

Posting relevant content on your business social media pages will bring many benefits to your ecommerce website. It will also help bring more foot traffic to your physical store.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

Cost Effective Marketing: The majority of social media websites are FREE!  The only cost is your time to post relevant content about your business.

Social Media Post

Boost Brand Awareness:

ALWAYS post a direct link to your ecommerce website. Sharing pictures (or videos) of your customers, store happenings and products allow your posted content tell the story of your brand identity.

Targeted ads with real-time results:

Promote sales and new product arrivals with your social media marketing. Offering discount coupons and targeted ads to your customers will help them find and your website. You can also host a social media contest. Make it fun for your customers! See below example:

Social Media Contest

Build consumer relationships:

Interact via social media with your current and potential customers. Increase customer satisfaction with “real time interaction”.  Not only will this help legitimize your business with potential first-time customers, but it will help you find out what your customers are really looking for.

Increase your website ranking:

By adding a direct link to your ecommerce website on social media posts, you will drive more traffic. Increased traffic and clicks on your website will help improve your local search engine ranking.

Understanding the Marketplace:

Use social media interactions with customers to identify their needs and expectations. THEY are your market. Let them tell you what you need to promote.

In conclusion, if you’re already using social media to promote your ecommerce website, CONGRATS!!! If not, what is holding you back? It is easy to create an account on each social media website, and it is a very cost effective way to market your website AND your brand.

Your competition is already using social media, so why are you letting them continue to steal your customers? The sooner you start, the sooner you will begin to refine your social media posting, and improve your business’s online presence. Promoting your brand on social media is easy!!!

Next month, we will identify tools and strategies you can easily implement into your Email Signature. Until then, keep on selling!

This post was written by Scott Drzonsc, National Sales manager at Gearfire.