Gearfire presents MASTER Tim Coker.

Not that we (or even Tim himself) like to brag, but achievements should be acknowledged. Tim Coker works at Gearfire as the Director of Consumer Products. So, it’s pretty safe to assume he knows his way around a firearm. Expertise of the products and firearms industry itself allow Tim to perform well on the job and in the field. Gearfire congratulates Tim on his latest achievement in competitive shooting.

Tim Coker has achieved the rank of Master within the USPSA Open Division and “A” in Both Limited and Single Stack.

“I have been shooting USPSA for 4 years now and absolutely love it. I compete mostly within the Open and Limited Divisions, but I’m jumping head first into the Single Stack Division as well. I enjoy every aspect of the sport and I’ve made some great friends within the shooting community from all over the country. The camaraderie is what makes this sport so much fun and I enjoy every bit of it!”

If you are wondering what you can expect from Tim next, he says lots of shooting while wrapping up the 2016 year, and even more rounds down range in 2017.

“I plan on attending the NROI course to be a better shooter and advisor/ambassador to the sport. Additionally I plan on volunteering more time to my local clubs and look for ways to help grow the shooting sport I very much enjoy participating in. I might dabble in the 2-3 Gun Shooting disciplines as well…time and money permitting.”

While Gearfire applauds Tim for all of his accomplishments in shooting sports, we are also proud to have him as a part of our team. Tim works extensively with distributors and manufacturers, and has helped create rewarding professional relationships between Gearfire and some of the biggest names in the firearms and outdoor sports industry.

Until your next success story, Tim, keep on shooting!