I recently had the opportunity to attend the B2B/C2C Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. If you are not familiar with this conference, it is a 3-day event of seminars and discussions by the top marketing gurus in the game. Learn more by visiting http://b2bmarketing.exchange/. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend that you attend in the future.

This post was written by Scott Drzonsc, and edited by Richard Hennigan.

Having 15+ years in sales is helpful, but my marketing experience is limited. That’s what made this conference so valuable to me. Content to conversion (C2C) concepts were explained in ways that just spoke to success for businesses of all kinds. Below are some of the “Thought Nuggets” that caught my attention. I’ll give my perspective as to what they mean to me, having a sales background. There was a lot to take away from this conference.

Video Marketing


With 67% of the customer’s journey to the sale being digital, videos are a great way to release content, and to educate. Video marketing is also an important tool to assist with retaining your current customer base. One idea that caught my attention while attending a video marketing seminar was to implement personalized videos for your Account Management team. These short introductory videos, in an interview format, are brilliant and add to the customer experience on a personal level. The research presented showed that this was an area that benefitted most when utilizing video marketing.

Here are two other interesting facts:

  • Viewers retain 90% of the information presented in a video format, with only 10% retention in a text format. Which would you prefer as a marketer or sales professional?
  • Adding video to your website makes your site six times more likely to convert a “browser” into a paying customer.

84% of buyers purchase on referral or peer recommendation.


Why are sales reps being avoided? Because rather than presenting a solution to a customer’s problems or concerns, we try to close purely with our “sales agenda”. This leads to fewer answered phone calls and/or opened emails.

How do we fix this?  One way is to present content that keeps the prospect or customer interested. The second is to drive referrals from peers who are currently happy customers. If 84% of buyers are speaking with a peer, why not lead these buyers to a common area for peer to peer discussion? Get the conversation started by utilizing your own blog, or on various social media websites.

This type of social selling is a growing segment and takes very little time to implement. Your current customers are now selling for you!  Focused peer content makes for great discussion topics. It provides information in regards to success, concerns, industry updates and tricks of the trade.

Additionally, the earlier that your sales team is involved in the conversation, the more likely they are to close the sale in a shorter period of time.

The breath of decision makers has expanded. Who makes the final buying decision?


Are you speaking with the right person or group? Sometimes it can be difficult to clarify exactly who makes the final buying decision. The decision-making process has expanded to a multiple person model/committee, not just one person.

Data presented during the conference showed that there was a 26% change between having one person or several involved in the buying process. You have an 81% likelihood of purchase with only one buyer involved. That number drops to 55% when you add just one more person into the mix!!! So what is the importance of this data?  I think it is two-fold.

First and easiest is to have all parties involved in a demo or sales call. Make sure to ask “Is there anyone else involved in the final decision?”. Secondly, we must present a very compelling case that teaches the decision maker(s) something new, and gives them a reason to take action.

Customers hate change. When they do make change, 40% of them are unhappy with it. This is why it is so important to present your solution, then follow that solution up with results and extraordinary service.

In conclusion


The 3-days I spent attending the B2B/C2C Conference gave me a marketing education that I will take back to Gearfire to implement change. To all of the presenters, I appreciate your time and the content you shared. To those I met and “talked shop” with, thank you for your valuable time and marketing insight. Maybe next year I’ll graduate, and become a marketing “GURU”.  And with any luck, I can present a topic of my own, coming from a sales perspective.