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Of the nearly 1,400 dealers in the Gearfire Network, only about 20% are using an in-store kiosk to boost sales from foot traffic.

The fact is, without a kiosk in your store with your website displayed, you are LOSING SALES. Adding a kiosk to your store is far and away, the BEST way to increase sales on your website, and to get your foot traffic engaged.

Consider this. Your store has limited square footage. Of course you want to showcase your best merchandise. You want your store to be visually appealing to your customers. And you want your customers to make a purchase. Adding a kiosk to your store instantly gives your walk-in customers the ability to purchase from HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in merchandise, and THOUSANDS of specific products.

How many times has a customer of yours not been able to find that specific item they want to buy in your store? How many times have you lost a sale because that item needed to be ordered, but the customer did not want to wait?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a kiosk in your store is giving your customers purchasing power. Even if an item is not stocked on your shelves, when your customer clicks “buy now” at your kiosk, and completes the sale, he or she feels the same satisfaction as an old-fashioned check out at your cash register. Never underestimate that psychological advantage.

Your kiosk does not need to be an expensive addition to your store. Placing a laptop on your counter next the cash register with your website displayed is all it takes. But, for those who want to get creative, and really bring out that visual appeal, take a look below at some actual Gearfire member in-store kiosks. And thank you to those dealers who shared their photos with us.

Gearfire in-store kiosk examples

Click on the image for a larger version of some great Gearfire member kiosks.

If you’ve ever wanted a literal sales machine to boost your business, the in-store kiosk is your best solution.
– Instantly offer your foot traffic the ability to purchase from your distributors’ entire inventory streams.
– Give your foot traffic added purchasing power and satisfaction with the click of a mouse.
– Add an appealing, and inexpensive visual element to your store that MAKES MONEY!
– Never lose a sale again because an available item is not stocked on your shelves.

With a minimal investment, and continued membership with Gearfire, you can see an increase in sales. So if you are not utilizing a kiosk in your store, the time is NOW to add one. Best of luck!