Gearfire’s Ryan Wiggins – Ironman

Earlier this month, Gearfire’s Product Specialist and shooting sports enthusiast, Ryan Wiggins, competed in the MGM Ironman; the toughest 3 Gun event on Earth. Over the course of three days, Ryan proved his athleticism and marksmanship on a course that many of us would never even attempt. This match, folks, is the real deal.

Taken from the MGM Ironman website, the match is a “one of a kind” 3 Gun match and has been since its actualization in 1997. In the twenty years the Ironman has been held, it has continually grown and is quickly becoming one of the top matches in the nation. The match includes 10 or more stages, an 900+ round count (if the shooter doesn’t miss), and EVERY stage requires the use of 3 guns. The Ironman is an intense test of both shooter and equipment, not to mention it is a blast! Over 3 days, the participants will shoot from the back of a moving vehicle, while driving a golf cart, from the top of a 20 ft tower, and while carrying a dummy.

Talk about excitement!


Click on Ryan’s picture for a better view from the event. Or, for a true point-of-view experience of the action, watch his video on YouTube (the zip line is my favorite part)! At the match, he placed 13th out of 21 in the Limited Division, and 56th overall. He’s also never competed in this match before. Well done, Ryan!

Gearfire’s Ironman is in a word, badass. Ryan is also extremely committed to shooting sports in general. When he’s not behind a computer at the Gearfire offices, you can find him shooting in the 3 Gun Nation Series. He is also the match director for local Arizona 3 Gun Nation matches.

To stay up to date on Ryan’s adventures, follow him on Facebook. You’ll be glad you did.