Let’s talk about Gearfire IGNITE and your Website. You may have noticed something strange on the back end of your website, specifically on the “Distributor Settings” Tab of your Dealer Profile. Here is a glimpse of what I mean:

Back End Distributors

It looks like a new distributor called IGNITE has been added to your list, but that is not the case. Well, not really…

IGNITE is a brand new service offered by Gearfire to independent manufacturers, to give them an opportunity to sell product on Gearfire Dealer websites, without being in distribution. Product is simply added to the appropriate department and category (i.e. Handguns > Semi-Auto) on all Gearfire websites (nearly 1,400 of them). When a product is sold on your website, you still get the sale! Plus, you can also purchase IGNITE products directly from the manufacturer to stock in your store.

Who are the IGNITE manufacturers?

Since IGNITE products are not in distribution, you may not be aware of who the manufacturers are, or how to find their product. Not to worry, we made it easy for you. Once you log in to the back end of your website, take a look at the “System Messages” at the bottom of your screen. Each time we add a manufacturer, we will post a message here to let you know!

Then, simply use the manufacturer’s name when searching on the back end of your website, and all of their sku’s will be visible. You can also choose to hide any IGNITE manufacturers from your website, if their product offerings do not fit your business model.

How do I fulfill an IGNITE product sale?

When a customer purchases an IGNITE product from your website, you are notified via email the same way any product is sold. That email will contain all of the details of the order. Since these manufacturers are not in distribution, you will need to contact them directly to fulfill your customer’s order. All contact information for IGNITE manufacturers can be found in the “System Messages” section on the back end of your website. The manufacturer will then ship the item(s) to your store, or directly to your customer when applicable.

I’m a manufacturer. How do I join IGNITE?

If you are a manufacturer who is struggling to get your product into distribution, or if you know of one, we’d love to hear from you! The IGNITE program by Gearfire is an affordable tool for manufacturers to offer their product to millions of consumers, nation-wide. For more information, or to get started, contact Travis McCamish at (480) 696-4305, or email to

As always, Gearfire’s number ONE goal is to provide the best possible resources and service to our dealers. As we continue to grow, our focus will always to be to offer you the most beneficial, innovative and money-making tools, so your business can grow as well. We’ve got your back, always.

We wish the entire Gearfire Network of Dealers nothing but success, and thank you for your continued partnership with Gearfire!