Hunting Worldwide – Adam McLain’s BivVy Productions

It began with a boy’s hunting adventures with his father, and has grown into a video production company that features some of the greatest hunting worldwide destinations. Let me introduce you to BivVy Productions, and Gearfire’s own Adam McLain.

Adam is a Product Specialist at Gearfire, and helps manage the live stream of inventory to dealer websites from all of our distributors. To say the least, his job is tedious. That being said, he sometimes needs an escape from the office. And if you’re a hunter, you’ll want to see just how he escapes. Spoiler alert – he hunts around the world.

Hunting and film making are Adam’s biggest passions. At just 14 years old, Adam bought his first video camera. He would take it with him on hunting trips with his father, simply to capture the moments in the woods. BivVy Productions was born. Since then, Adam has fine-tuned his videography skills, continuously updated his equipment, and now manages to produce some of the most compelling hunting videos you’ll find online. Learn more about Adam’s passions here.

There’s one other thing, Adam is a great hunter. Using firearms or archery equipment, Adam has hunted any kind of game you can think of, and almost always gets his prize.

Adam with mule deer

Adam’s talents for hunting an film making have taken him to destinations all over the world, like this trip to South Africa. He also works with Outdoor TV Shows, Manufacturers, and TV commercial production. When you take a look at his videos, his work speaks for itself. We are happy to have Adam as part of the Gearfire team.

To follow along with Adam’s adventures and BivVy Productions, subscribe to his YouTube channel. For even more video content, and to get the scoop on BivVy Productions, visit their website.

 “Life flies by like an arrow. Don’t miss out on the journeys.” – Adam’s Dad