NSSF and Southwick Associates Study Hunting License Sales

What the results mean for your business

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In a recent publication by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), they published the results of a study to better understand the market segment of those who buy a hunting license. Twelve U.S. states participated in the study contracted to Southwick Associates, based on 10 years of shared data.

The purpose of the study was to paint a better picture, both regionally and nationally, of hunting participation. It was determined that in 2004, there were more than 15 million licensed hunters across the country. By 2013, there were approximately two percent fewer licensed hunters. What this says is that the population of licensed hunters is remaining stable. But when the study digs deeper into the year-to-year activity of hunters, we can build a better profile of hunters.

For the purposes of the study, hunters were categorized into three groups:

  • New – hunters who purchased a license in the current year, but not in previous five years
  • Intermittent – hunters who purchased a license in at least one of the last five years, but have lapsed before purchasing one in the current year
  • Regular – hunters who have continually renewed their license year-to-year

Statistics show a considerable loss each year of regular hunting license buyers, with the loss each year being made up to some degree by intermittent or new buyers. So, what does this mean for your business online?

A large portion of new and intermittent buyers exist within the Millennial (18 to 34) Age Category!

Millennials are vital to the future of hunting. They are also the largest demographic of Americans who make purchases online (despite having lower incomes than older Americans), spending abut $2,000 annually. If you aren’t targeting millennials when marketing your online business, that needs to change. Additionally, female millennials are making a bigger impact in the firearms industry each year, with more and more women purchasing firearms, hunting licenses, etc.

  • Female millennials are more likely to try hunting than other females
  • Millennials hunt most often to harvest their own food, followed by spending time with friends and family.
  • Millennials use technology to get their information; like state and agency websites.
  • Millennials research product online before buying.

Millennials are dominating the eCommerce market, and as a Gearfire dealer, you specialize in eCommerce. But you still have to bring people TO your website. So, if you are not a millennial, start thinking like one!

  • Millennials spend a LOT of time online. They also use social media websites when building their circles of friends. Business pages on social media websites allow your business to be part of the community and conversation.
  • Market hunting as a “can’t miss” annual activity to get millennials interested. As interest grows, so will your sales.
  • Post content on social media websites, blogs and forums, etc., and make sure you link to your Gearfire website. Millennials get their information online, and your content builds trust, and makes your business seem reputable.
  • Millennials constantly share information online. Make sure EVERYTHING that is visible to your customers (online or off) lists your Gearfire website URL.

Using the technology of your Gearfire website to attract a demographic of consumers who shop online the MOST is the point of this article. And Gearfire is with you every step of the way.

Sell more online. Get those “kids” outside. And watch your business grow.