Whenever government and firearms are brought up in the same discussion, article, broadcast segment, etc., the outcome is usually negative for fans of 2A. But in the last few weeks, there were two instances in Washington, D.C. meant to benefit firearms, shooting and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

03/02/2017 – Secretary Zinke Reverses Obama Administration Ammunition Order

On his first day as Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke reversed the Obama Administration Director’s Order 219. The Order was designed to phase-out traditional lead-based ammunition and fishing tackle use on all 81 million acres of U.S. Fish and Wildlife lands. Eliminating lead-based products from protected U.S. land and water may seem like a good idea. Lead is toxic, and can damage the environment.

Sec. of the Interior Ryan Zinke

Order 219 was hastily issued on the last day of the Obama administration. Because the Order was rushed, critical details were overlooked. Turns out, the Order would cause more harm than good to the firearms and shooting sports industries. Plus, those 81 MILLION acres of U.S. Fish and Wildlife land and water could go under-protected as a result.

In this post from Safari Club International, read all the details about the harm Order 219 could have done, and why Secretary Zinke’s reversal of the Order benefits both the shooter/hunter, as well as our nation’s precious land and water.

03/09/17 – Bipartisan Government Introduction of Target and Marksmanship Training Support Act of 2017

Perhaps the key word of the above headline is “Bipartisan”. Both Republican and Democratic Senators recently introduced S.593, the Target and Marksmanship Training Support Act of 2017. The legislation provides state fish and game agencies more flexibility to use Pittman-Robertson excise taxes dollars.

These tax dollars are raised from the sale of firearms and ammunition. S.593 would allow money to be allocated with the purpose of improving existing public shooting ranges, or building new ones. Today, States are allowed to use funds for hunter education courses and for public shooting ranges. But certain restrictions make it difficult to acquire or utilize those funds.

public shooting range

“The legislation mirrors what was introduced in previous Congressional sessions, but was never put forward for presidential approval.”, according to this press release by The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). The press release covers economic benefits to S.593, as well as benefits to wildlife conservation and firearms training and education. We definitely recommend giving it a read for yourself.

S.593 was introduced in the House of Representatives (also with bipartisan support) as H.R. 788.