National Firearms Dealer Network Becomes Gearfire!

Beginning Thursday, May 19, 2016, National Firearms Dealer Network changes its name to Gearfire! Our new name reflects the growth we have experienced over the last four years, as well as our mission to take the firearms market by storm. We are building a brand that services our network of dealers like never before. While our name has changed, our ownership, managing partners, employees and mission to our dealers have not.

The name Gearfire is designed to encompass all aspects of outdoor sports and adventure, while staying true to our original mission of servicing firearms dealers nation-wide. As our network of dealers and consumer awareness continues to grow, we intend to capture more of the firearms market, and to expand into other verticals of outdoor sports providers and merchandise.

Gearfire Office

Click the image to see our new office look! Photo Credit: Adam McLain

Our Mission : Gearfire is committed to connecting firearms and outdoor enthusiasts who want to be ready for anything, with dealers and manufacturers who can equip them with almost everything.

Through search engine optimization (SEO) and our own marketing efforts, we intend to break barriers in our industry, and make Gearfire a household name. We will drive significantly more web traffic to our NEW national site,, and convert more of those visitors to our dealer websites to complete the sale.

Gearfire is taking serious strides to improve visibility on the web, send MORE business to all of our network dealers’ websites, and create a pleasant, user-friendly shopping experience for millions of online shoppers each month. That means every dealer in our network stands to make more money!

Along with our new name and national website, we are closer to launching version 2.0 of our website platform, which showcases state-of-the-industry technology, a better user interface, and offers the most useful features and benefits to our dealers.

We are looking forward to sharing this experience with our valued partnering manufacturers, distributors and network dealers.

Let’s Go Gearfire!