Welcome back FFL Dealers, firearms manufacturers, and fans of all things firearms and outdoor sports.

Gearfire is proud to announce our latest offering! We call it IGNITE. If you are a manufacturer in the firearms industry (or if you know one), then you NEED to keep reading.

IGNITE is a brand new service specifically for manufacturers in the firearms industry. As you may know, not all great products can easily be found and/or purchased online. And for manufacturers, it can be tough to get product into distribution. Now there is a solution!

With IGNITE, our goal is to give manufacturers an opportunity to list  their product(s) on all 1,400+ Gearfire dealer websites to sell, WITHOUT having that product in wholesale distribution. But that is just the beginning.

The IGNITE program benefits manufacturers as well as Gearfire dealers:

  • Manufacturers offer product to consumers without being in distribution.
  • Our partnering distributors receive quarterly movement reports. If enough product is sold, it could be added to a distributor’s product line.
  • Gearfire Dealers offer IGNITE products to their customers online, increasing their already massive inventory.
  • Gearfire Dealers can purchase popular IGNITE products directly from the manufacturer to stock in their store.


The IGNITE program is an affordable tool for manufacturers to offer their product to millions of consumers, nation-wide. For more information, or to get started, contact Travis McCamish at (480) 696-4305, or email to TravisM@Gearfire.com

For our current Gearfire Dealers:

As different manufacturers participate in the IGNITE program, their inventory will automatically be added to your website. There is nothing additional you have to do. Inventory is simply placed in the appropriate departments and categories that already exist on your website (ie. Handguns < Semi-Automatic).

Also, you may have noticed something unusual on the back end of your website; specifically on the “Distributor Settings” tab under your “Dealer Profile”. You will notice that IGNITE has been added to the distributors listed on this page. It is there because all of our dealers benefit from having IGNITE products added to their inventory.

You will also notice that the IGNITE distributor cannot be moved. While you can “drag and drop” your other distributors to the order in which you prefer, IGNITE will always remain at the bottom. That way, if an IGNITE product gets added to a distributor’s product line, and a customer purchases it from your website, the order will be fulfilled by the distributor, and not the IGNITE manufacturer.

Gearfire looks forward to not only helping our dealers succeed more with the IGNITE program, but also empowering independent manufacturers to reach a (MUCH) larger customer base to sell to.