ATF has revised Form 4473 with an effective date of January 16, 2017.

Greetings, Gearfire Network Dealers (and any FFL retailers)! This post is in response to the November 14th announcement from Orchid Advisors. Beginning January 16, 2017, all Federal firearms licensees (FFLs) must begin using this form in place of the current Form 4473. The previous form will be obsolete. For those currently using an electronic version of Form 4473, it must be updated and implemented by the same date.

ATF is shipping all FFLs a package that contains the new form, which can be used immediately. If more copies are needed upon receipt of the package, you can order them directly, in reasonable quantities, here.

Gearfire remains committed to providing the absolute best service to our dealers, especially when it comes to ATF compliance. For all of the details on this announcement, and the changes to the form, please tap here.